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12.7 Breakdown

12.7 Breakdown

For all you new pull-uppers... maybe start taping so this doesn't happen.

Warm-Up: 10 Serratus Push-Ups, 10 Goblet Squats w/ KB, 5 Pass Throughs on Parrallettes, 5 2-Handed Clean and Jerks w/ KB X’s 2

Press: 5-5-5

Push Press: 3-3-3

Jerk: 1-1-1

MetCon – 2 Rounds:

3 minutes:

10 KB Swings

20 Double-Unders

(Score is Completed Rounds. Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds)

For those of you who haven’t watched the 12.7 video, the workout is:

20 minutes (and 2 attempts) to establish a 15RM OHS; rest 10 minutes then complete 4 back-to-back Tabata intervals (8 Rounds of 20 seconds work; 10 seconds rest) of Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and Air Squats in that order. Your score = OHS weight (in pounds) + Reps accumulated in your Tabata intervals. This WOD looks like a beast, especially if your shoulders are inflexible, rigid, and prohibit you from achieving a proper overhead position.

In order to prep you for tomorrow (or Saturday), I’m going to cover some various ways to improve your OHS position first, and then I’ll talk about how I would skin this cat that is 12.7.


You know yourself and your weaknesses (if you’ve been at our gym for more than 2 weeks), and what I’m about to suggest is not only for those with awful posterior and shoulder flexibility, but for all who want to improve their overhead squat position from where it is currently. Too many times I notice that the perceived “correct overhead squat position” includes an inclined torso, caved arches, and knees in. Always work to better your position.

Additional to the warm-up tomorrow, here are some things that will prime your OHS pump so you might be able to tack a few extra pounds onto that 15RM. For every stretch, hold it to the point to where you believe you can’t stand it anymore, I recommend about 30 seconds and no more than 45. For those of you who know that a stretch is tackling a specific problem area, why stop at one set? Hit 3-6 sets of contract-relax for an equal work/rest time ratio.

Start broad; arm circles/leg swings and then move to hitting the T-Spine with a foam roller. Grab some dislocates, stretch the pecs with a band or on a vertical bar (or both), and then get some OHS with PVC and then a bar. After you’ve done those, play with a few of these.

SpiderMan Lunge

Cossack/Long Stretch

Hamstring Band Stretch

Bent Knee Hamstring Stretch

Russian Baby Maker

You have two attempts and it’s not like the CF total or a WL meet where once you try a weight, you can’t move down. You may, but once you signal to a coach that you are trying a lift, it’s on! Make every effort count and warm-up correctly and progressively (rather than making 40 lbs jumps). The OHS is a fragile lift, so warm-up with a lot of reps and stair-step your weight up gradually.

  1. 1.       Treat the descent of the squat as the most delicate portion. The highest potential for error and dropping the bar is held here. Control the descent of the squat as you would control the descent from the top of a mountain, carefully and tactfully done rather than haphazard and eager to reach the bottom.
  2. 2.       I personally suggest opening with a conservative attempt, that way you KNOW going into your second effort that you have some pounds that will be added to your Tabata score. The last thing you want to do is fail twice and receive no additional number to your Tabata score.
  3. 3.       If you’ve never done a 15RM before, talk to a coach and get some direction. Talk to your fellow classmates. A 15RM is VERY different from a 1 or 5RM.
  4. 4.       Wear lifting shoes (or borrow some if you can) or wear the flattest-soled shoes you can find.
  5. 5.       If you know your core is a limiting factor, belt up!
  6. 6.       Reps 10-15 are make-or-break. While you treat every rep with careful attention, be prepared to slow these reps down as your shoulders are highly fatigued and any mistake WILL be capitalized upon.


Don’t work until failure on your Pull-Ups and Push-Ups. If you have 10 seconds left and you know you can only do one more push-up before failure, rest rather than work. Your gas tank will refill much quicker this way. This concept doesn’t apply to air squats….you can ALWAYS do another air squat…so always do another one. Always try to squeeze in another air squat if you can on this Tabata. There’s not a whole lot of strategy that goes into this MC, just do work and do it fast.

I will say this before concluding; there is an extremely high degree of potential for breakdown of quality in this workout. When you have a high number of repetitions in a very short amount of time, it’s easy to want that extra rep with a shorter range of motion. Don’t bring that weak sauce into Ktown!!!

Here are some standards to be mindful of moving through this WOD:


  • Make sure that your chin is above the bar
  • Make sure your arms come to a COMPLETE locked out elbow at the bottom EVERY rep


  • Make sure you feel your chest touch the floor for EVERY rep
  • Your face is already looking at your elbows, make sure they’re reaching FULL EXTENSION for every rep


  • Your shoulders should touch the floor for every rep
  • Your shoulders should come in front of your hips at the top of ever rep

Air Squats

  • Hips should go BELOW knees for every rep
  • It’s easy to miss hip extension, make sure your hips and knees reach a fully-locked out position at the top of your squat

I hope this helps some of you reach a new 15RM and maximize your (legit) reps throughout the MetCon.

Good luck!

Coach CBo

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