13.2 Prep and Strat

13.2 Prep and Strat

Roll on!


13.2 Prep

NFT Work




Just like that, 13.1 has come and gone. Part of me feels that the hype accompanying

the start of the 2013 CrossFit Games Open went with it. Remember how excited and

anxious you were to see what the first workout was. Remember how your heart rate

would begin to rise and perspiration increase at the thought of what was to come. Oh

how we desire to desire. That was just last week, people. I assume our excitement and

anticipation, not to mention our incessant conjecture concerning the possibilities, for the

open was left in a pool of sweat on a stall mat or in a glaze of hemoglobin adorning a



Arise, my fellow CrossFitters, week two is upon is, and this week looks way better than

last. I mean, you have done a workout like this more times than you should care to

count. This is quintessential CrossFit: AMRAP 10 minutes of 5 shoulder to overhead,

10 deadlifts, and 15 box jumps, at 115 and 75 pounds respectively. Even though you

are basically a master at this WOD, let’s take a few minutes to discuss. I will

accomplish this by breaking the workout down into the following: prep, push, pull, jump,




For those of you that know me, even somewhat well, I think of preparing for a workout in

very simple terms: do what works. If you consistent patterns of preparation that you do,

DO THEM! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, as my Daddy always says. There is no need

any adopting a new-fangled approach just because you will be judged and scored. You

are “judged” and “scored” everyday at Ktown, and don’t even know it. The Open

changes nothing (I kid……or do I?). However, don’t be afraid to add or adapt a little

thing or two to help you along the way. I would recommend spending some time getting

those shoulders mobile and improving that overhead position. Let’s use those foam

rollers to get that upper back nice and warm, then let’s get a band, hang it from a pull-up

bar, and get those arms overhead, finding any tight corners that would prevent you from

going overhead with ease and efficiency. As for the hips, they will not lie in this workout.

Spend a decent amount of time opening them bad boys and girls up. Last time a

checked, deadlifting and box jumping involved quite a bit of flexion and extension, so

let’s start there. Forward/Backward bends: if you aren’t doing them, START! Reach

through those legs with a big exhalation and then extend upright, pulling those arms

back, stacking your vertebrae and squeezing that booty. Repeat that for 10-20 reps.

You should be doing the samson stretch for 1-2 minutes a side, as you will need

maximal efficiency with the hip flexors for deadlift and box jumps. I also recommend a

little jump rope, getting those heel cords, achilles and calves loosey-goosey. Beyond

this, do not over-think it. Do your thing!



This is the portion of our segment where we will talk about shoulder to overhead. Let



Because shoulders fatigue quickly, and this is a part of the workout

where you must be fast in finishing and getting back to. In the rare case that you should

push press for this workout, do not be afraid to finish with few reps of push jerk in order

to “rest” a bit. DO NOT BREAK THIS SET, EVER! Got it? Good!



If you are attempting to set a high score you need to do your best to keep that bar in

your hands as you transition from shoulder to overhead to the deadlifts. During the

deadlifts, be sure and use some leg. I promise you, the box jumps WILL fatigue your

back. So, let’s not help them out be allowing the Deadlifts to do the same. Do not

straight leg the deadlifts (of which I am the worst). Also, just keep that dadgum bar in

your hands and finish 10 reps. You need that pace to be quick through the barbell

movements in order to get to work on the box jumps. The weight is not too heavy, so

you should be able to crush this part of the workout as long as you stay efficient and




This is where the workout stinks. The box jumps will make you or break you. The key

here is to be as methodical as possible. Do not break your pace, but do not let your

pace be frantic and silly! Rest on top of the box. I assure you that you will rest less and

spend more time jumping, which will only help you to move on quicker. Jump off of the

floor with feet slightly closer than they will land on the box. This will keep you jumping

stronger and faster (I could use a lot of fancy physiology terms here, but I will spare

you). I also recommend stepping down for the last 2-3 reps. Why? Because this little

bit a of pace-slowing will let you catch your breath, prepare your mind, and get that bar

up and off of the floor for your next set of shoulder to overhead. Honestly, the best

piece of advice I can give you here is “work like a robot”. Robots do not have a mind of

their own. They are ordered how to operate. What are your orders?: One box jump at

a time, rest on top of the box, don’t be silly, and keep a steady pace!



Just like your shampoo: Rinse and Repeat. Don’t stop, get it, get it! Keep on keepin’

on. Rubbin’ is racin’!


Ktowners, mount up. This is a workout you should be stoked to do. Like a said above,

you have done a workout like this a million bazillion times. I look forward to not only

coaching many of your through this workout, but to also hearing about how you crushed

it. Last, but certainly not least, remember that this is just a workout! The results of

which do not define you or determine your character.


Grace and Peace,

CGreg (I actually kind of like that moniker)

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  1. Callie March 15, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I’m so excited about this one. I was practicing my push jerk movement with a broomstick which frightened my cats just a little.

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