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Monthly Archives: August 2012

30 08, 2012


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Warm-up: Mobility: Lots of It 1a) Bent-Over-Barbell Rows: 3x15 1b) Ring Push-Ups: 3x15 Work – 3 Rounds Not for Time: Max Plate Hold 5 Wall Walks Max Hang (Pull-Up Bar) Couch Stretch (30s) Max Abductor Side Plank Sportsmanship is something hard to come by these days. In a society where winning is pretty [...]

30 08, 2012


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Warm-up Snatch: 1 single EMOM @ 80% MetCon – For Time: 10 Rounds of Cindy w/ strict pull-ups and hand release push-ups 400m Row Finisher: 3x10 oblique sit-ups superset w/ rotator cuff stretch BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! 1) Beginning next week, Olympic lifting class will be moved to Wednesday evenings at 7:30PM while CrossFit Skinny [...]

28 08, 2012


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Warm-up Deadlift:5RM MetCon – 10!: KB High Pulls (70/50lbs) Heavy Weighted Sit-ups Finisher: Hip Opener ‘till death do you part Tonight we have a guest post from Kate Brosnan, aka ‘Brosna’, aka ‘The Food Hound’, aka ‘I overhead squatted more than you while I was pregnant’.   I don’t often roast [...]

24 08, 2012

Littering and…?

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Warm-up Skill: Kipping Pull-up and Strict Muscle-up Squat: Quickly build to heavy single; drop to 90% and do 2 reps OTM for 5 total sets MetCon – For back pats: Walk to the bottom of the hill Run up hill (~500m) Walk back down the hill Run back up the hill Remember to [...]

23 08, 2012

Tired From Just Watching You Guys

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Warm-up Barbell Complex: 1 Power Clean + 1 Push Press (5-8 sets) MetCon – Modified Filthy Fifty: 50 Box Jumps (24/20”) 50 Jumping Pull-Ups 50 KB Swings (35/25lbs) 50 Lunges 50 Knees-to-Elbows 50 Push Press (45/25lbs) 50 Good Mornings (45/25lbs) 50 Thrusters (45/25lbs) 50 Burpees 50 Double-Unders I would love to make an [...]

22 08, 2012

Summer of Squats 2012

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  Warm-up Press: 5-5-5-5-5 Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3 Push Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1 Finisher: 5 min unbroken plank any style For all of you 2012 Summer of Squatters out there, follow these instructions very closely. Look down at your legs. Examine closely. Massage each thoroughly, serving as a primer for both to welcome the words about [...]

21 08, 2012

It’s Monday, Monday, Monday, ohhhhhhh!

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  Warm-up Snatch: Build to heavy double; then 95%x2, 90%x2x2 MetCon – 4RNFT: Max set of front squats @80% 1RM clean 10 Bar Burpees 10 V-ups Tomorrow (today?), Tuesday the 21st, is Coach Mark Lane’s birthday!  Let us celebrate it by wishing him a very happy day of birth AND giving him his [...]

17 08, 2012

2 on, 1 off…

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  Warm-up Bench Press: Build to heavy 5; drop to 60% and do 2 max sets Skill Progression: Do 2x8 of each column before moving on to the next A B C Ring Row Strict Chin-up Kipping Pull-up Push-up Diamond Push-up Clapping Push-up Air Squat Deck Squat Pistol Taking tonight off on the [...]

16 08, 2012

On deeper understanding…

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Warm-up Mid-hang Power Clean + Below Knee Power Clean 1+1 for 10-15 sets at moderate weight MetCon – 4 Rounds: 2 min Row for Meters 3 min Walk Rest Score each round’s meters rowed Copying equations is for the birds.  If you want to be successful in math or the sciences, you need [...]