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Daily Archives: February 13, 2017

13 02, 2017


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CrossFit Ktown - CrossFitA1): DB Bench Press (5x5)A2): Chinese DB row (5x5)B1): Kneeling KB Press (3x12)B2): Straddle Banded Row (3x12)Seated in straddle, row a thick band to the chest pulling elbows back behind torso.C1): Single Leg GHD Hip Extension (3x8-12 ea leg)C2): Strict Toes-To-Bar (3x8-12)D): 10 min max AB cal (Calories)D): 10 min max cal [...]

13 02, 2017

More than a blog post, an announcement!

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A Samantha collage! More than a gym. More than a member. More than a coach. Over seven years ago, I attended my first free class at CrossFit Ktown. Little did I know how the experience would change my health trajectory and my life. Back then 1.0, as it was eventually called, was a [...]