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Daily Archives: August 16, 2017

16 08, 2017


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CrossFit Ktown - CrossFitA): Fish Game (AMRAP - Reps)Score is total points in 4 min.B): Metcon (Time)"Dragooned" Good luck.C): Metcon (Time)Final Time: Take your time from Dragooned, subtract your Fish Game score with one point equalling one second, and this will be your final time.

16 08, 2017

On Pareto’s Principle and Via Negativa

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The Antifragile Triad About six years ago some gentlemen from CFKT started a book club. There is usually a lifecycle to these sorts of things, but this one has somehow waxed and waned for over half a decade now and yet still breathes. Of the faces in the club some are non-members, former [...]