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2 01, 2019


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CrossFit Ktown - CrossFitA: Joint Mobility (No Measure)Shoulder Shrugs (for. and Back) x 10 Arm Circles (both ways) x 10 Hula Hips x 10 For./Back. Bends x 10 Leg Swings (both ways) x 10 Boot Strappers x 10 Normal/Wide/Close Squats x 10 Hindu Push-Ups x 10 Table Makers x 10B: Metcon (No Measure)10 min LAX [...]

2 01, 2019

Burn Your New Year’s Resolution List

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Should burn at around 451 degrees Fahrenheit. The New Year is only a few days young. Why am I telling you to burn your New Year’s resolution (NYR) list? Because, simply, most of you will not succeed so don't waste your time. I do not mean that to be overly harsh or critical. [...]