Jeremy Wade is on the telly again while I am making this post.

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 10 Good Mornings, 10 Back Squats, 10 Behind the Neck Push Press; 30 sec Hip Opener and Samson Stretch

Squat: 20RM

MetCon – 3RFT:
25 KBS (50/35lbs)
15 V-ups

1)      If you have yet to get your picture taken for the Paleo Challenge, do so ASAP.

2)      There will be a Lululemon trunk show this Wednesday at the gym from 4-6:30PM.

3)      I am a firm believer that all of us are completely uneducated on the Eastern Front of World War II.  I challenge you to research what the German and Russian soldiers had to endure on what was the largest, most atrocity-filled operation of not just WWII, but any war in human history.  Knowledge is power.

Be ready for a guest post tomorrow!
Coach G