Abs are more than just pretty

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Abs are more than just pretty

Are those abs functional? You better believe it!

Warm-up: 10 Glute Bridges, 20 Leg Swings (all directions), Lunge Stretch (30 seconds each leg) x2

Deadlift: 3-3-3-1-1-1
(Warm-up with Clean Pulls, Try to reach 80-90% 1RM)

MetCon – For Time:
50m Walking Lunges
KB SDHP (50/35lbs)
Clapping Push-Ups
Jumping Air Squats

Finisher: Max reps ring dips

I know, I know, it’s Wednesday and usually you’re expecting a post by CBo on the 10 physical skills, but if you recall he just finished that series up. If you’re new to our website I recommend going back and reading those. Just click on the tab, “10 physical skills” or “10 physical abilities” in the cloud to the right of your screen. They are very helpful in explaining exactly what CrossFit is and what we are working on improving at Ktown.

Tonight I want to pose a question to all of you. Do you use your abs? I’m serious…do you ever think about using your abs (especially the lower ones)? When you are driving are you engaged? How about washing the dishes or cooking dinner? What about when you are watching TV or raking the leaves, are those abs being put to good use? And more importantly are you using them to PR your squat, deadlift, and set a new Fran time? If you aren’t, then you’re in a world of stupidity. No offense.

I’ve seen my share of back injuries, specifically lower back, inside and outside of the gym. Most often, these nagging little tweaks could be prevented with a simple stabilization of their midline and an engaged core. Think about it this way… your spinal erectors and your abdominals are partners. Without one the other will be weak and frail. So if you are only tightening your back on a deadlift then you’re only doing half the work, and if you are hyper-extending your back during double-unders the same thing is happening.

The one and only K-Starr says to leave your abs on at about 20% for all activities. Then as intensity increases you better believe that percentage should too! Don’t give up on your core, and certainly don’t settle for an “okay” positioning. Staying tight, midline stabilized, and abs turned on should be your motto from now on whether you be in the gym, sitting at your desk, or opening Christmas presents.

I find it amazing that growing up and playing numerous sports I was rarely taught to keep my ribcage locked down or suck my belly button to my spine. And how many high school lifting coaches preached that to you? I know mine didn’t. I’m preaching it to you now, and I know the other coaches in this gym are preaching it as well. Hopefully now you are more aware of the importance of engaging the abs. If you don’t know how to do this then don’t be embarrassed, I didn’t know how until CrossFit. Just ask!

Abs on!
<3 Coach Miss J

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    That’s a lot of sex appeal in one picture…

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