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Warm-up: 10 Air Squats, 20 KB Muscle Snatches (35/20lbs), 10 Pull-Ups x’s 3

Zercher Squats: Heavy, but comfortable set of 5

MetCon – Kelly

5 Rounds For Time

400m Run

30 Wall Ball Shots (20/12lbs)

30 Box Jumps (24/12”)


Definition – The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

-I love this definition. If I would have been asked to define accuracy I would have produced a pretty generic “archery” definition such as, “The ability to productively affect or move something as it is intended to be.” To perform an action at different intensities welcomes a whole new component into accuracy. Shooting a gun requires a lot of accuracy. However, only practicing your marksmanship in slow, meticulous shots will only tax one area of this skill. Try this for example: Take any handgun or rifle and unload the magazine while attempting to hit the target using these two different scenarios. The first magazine should be unloaded in 3 minutes, and the second should be unloaded in 10 seconds. You will probably be more accurate in hitting the intended target with the bullets from the first mag. In this scenario you’re doing the same amount of work in both situations, but the intensity is drastically altered.

– Now comes the CF parallel in the Olympic lift that is the clean. There’s an obvious difference between accurately cleaning a 1RM with no time restraints to cleaning 80% of that 1RM 10 x’s within 1 minute. For those of you who did our WOD last Monday, we can see this illustrated in that workout. I know that my last 7 Power Cleans at 185lbs looked wretched, and accuracy had left long before the 3rd round had arrived. While it looked ugly, it’s a necessary evil to increasing our accuracy at different intensity levels. In no way, shape, or form am I implying that one intensity level trumps the other…nor do I suggest you specify in either. If you’ve ever seen someone sprint that looks like a freshly birthed deer, then according to this definition you’ve witnessed a person running inaccurately. I feel sorry for these poor souls, but this concept is demonstrated well because of the differing intensity level. What can I say but “practice young Padawans, practice (SW reference).”

-In conclusion, controlling our movement and the movement of other implements at all intensity levels will dramatically increase our physical skills, thus we should work vigorously at improving this ability!

One week left in our physical skills series,

Coach CBo

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