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Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson working hard for last year's Regionals.

Alex Anderson working hard for last year’s Regionals.

Alex Anderson: Lex, Son of Anders, Coach, Friend, Bestie, Roomie

If you haven’t noticed, your Coach, Lex, is quite a phenomenal CrossFitter and has some amazing upcoming opportunities.  He heads to Vegas next month for the National Pro Fitness League’s final combine event. If he does well there, he could fulfill his desire of getting paid to do this sport. If you are reading this wondering, “What’s the NPFL?” click and read up on Fitness’s Newest Thing and/or listen to The Storm in a Teacup podcasts, they discuss it in detail. It’s pretty awesome, and I personally love it!

While all these events and competitions are worthwhile and life changing, they also cost a good bit of mula! For that reason we are going to do some fundraising for Lex, since we know he would never ask us for help!

Friday May 30th is our first “Lift Like Lex” fundraising event. It will occur all Friday afternoon from 3:30-6:30. Grab a partner as this is a team event! Entry to the event will cost $40 per duo. Each duo will perform 3 randomly drawn Regional 2014 workouts and try to beat Alex’s individual time from the competition. If your duo beats Alex’s scores/times from all three randomly chosen events, you both will get the month of June for FREE! If you want to bring food and drink and hang out to watch others compete that is encouraged!

We are going to celebrate CrossFit Ktown’s 5th year anniversary with this next event on Saturday, June 7th. We will close the Open gym and Free class this day. Grilling out, hanging out, working out, and all kinds of other “outs” will occur this day. This “Lift Like Lex” event is going to be a little different, as teams will be based on your regular workout time of the day. If you average more morning classes per week (6-9am) then you will compete for the Morning Team. If you are typically a Noon’er then Noon Team it is, and if you are one of our evening members (3:30-6:30pm) you will represent Team Evening!

Throughout the course of the event, Alex will randomly draw workout challenges. Teams must decide who will compete for them in this event. It might be an individual, partner, relay, or team event, and everyone must compete at some point. (Aka you can’t have your best athlete continually sub in). We will most likely cap competitor entries, but feel free to come watch and cheer with us during the day. The cost will be a minimum donation of $20, all going to help send Alex and Coach G to the Vegas combine. We are going to provide drinks and food for this event!

Finally, we will be auctioning off some limited edition CFKT shirts that Alex wore during Regionals. He will be autographing the shirts. Get ready to bid!

What kind of profit would a Lex kissing booth bring in?
<3 Coach Miss J


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  1. CBo May 21, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    I’d shell out $100 for a big, wet and sloppy one.

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