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Appalachian Trail run by the numbers

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Appalachian Trail run by the numbers

CBo and Adam in their final preparation before setting out on the short jaunt through the forest.

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 20 Dislocates, 20 Sit-ups, 20 Push-ups, 20 Air Squats

Lax ball hips

Press: 3×5

Squat: 5RM

MetCon – For Reps:
Tabata High Knees

Finisher: Max L-sit for time

As most everyone knows by now, we were unsuccessful in our attempt to run the entire 72 miles of Appalachian Trail through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  Our start was auspicious enough, but it soon turned to tragedy.  Nietzsche, speaking through The Birth of Tragedy, says tragedy is “that phenomenon whereby pain awakens pleasure while rejoicing wrings cries of agony from the breast. From highest joy there comes a cry of horror or a yearning lament at some irredeemable loss.

[…] [T]here erupts what one might call a sentimental tendency in nature, as if it had cause to sigh over its dismemberment into individuals.”

At face value, this is exactly what happened to us out on the trail.  We experienced much pain.  But we knew going in to the run we were to experience that pain and also knew that such pain would, indeed, awaken pleasure.  I think I speak for all three of us who were on the trail that day: we still need more time to internalize all that went on during our short run through the woods.  With those internalizations there will be more posts to come recapping, speculating, and setting plans for our next attempt.  But for now, let us look at the run by the numbers…

Miles run: 124 combined miles

Hours slept Saturday night: 0

Hours slept Sunday night: 12-14

Gu packets swallowed: 46

Camelbak Elixer tablets consumed: 18

PB&J sandwiches eaten: 11

Estimated footsteps: 180,000

Liters of gas passed: A lot

Liters of water gulped: 26

Ounces of Hydropel applied: Liberally

Jars of sweet potato baby food: 8

Hums, whistles, and sings of main theme from Last of the Mohicans: Incessantly

Big thanks to everyone out on the trail who resupplied and offered support.  You all were chief in the small success we did have.  Getting to the Slocums and Joe 50 miles in was one of the biggest “weight out of my bowels” moments I’ve experienced in my short life, literally.  All of the food, water, but most importantly the support you all so selflessly brought up to the AT was more important than you probably realize.  Thanks.

Can’t wait to do it again and go the distance,
Coach G

P.S. – 5k tomorrow for those who missed the last one.  If you ran it last time, there is a different MetCon for you.  Come prepared if you are running the 5k.

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  1. Dave P October 28, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Some of us were honored to support such courage with whatever action we could undertake and look forward to the next attempt.

  2. Erin October 29, 2010 at 8:26 am

    @Dave P

  3. Rise Up October 29, 2010 at 8:34 am

    I’m certain with a little more training time and no injuries ya’ll would have made all 72 miles. An injury keep me out of supporting you guys on the trial. I’ll definitely be there for attempt number two…Like my facebook post says, Tabata high knees is the devil!

  4. Miss J October 29, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I’m proud of all you fellas regardless of the finish or not. You raised a lot of money for a fantastic cause that would otherwise probably not have seen that kind of money from the community. I don’t know if Caleb or Adam have plans of doing it again, but I know G does. He could have finished it (with a late time) but because he had to skip about 10 miles to make up time and not miss all the people at the resupply he instead told me at 50 miles in…”Well, I’m just gonna do it again!” Crazy kid.

    For all of you who don’t know the trail was 72 miles long… Grant ran/hiked 63 that day.

  5. Ben October 29, 2010 at 10:03 am

    “Why do we fall down? So we may learn to pick ourselves back up.”

    Gentlemen, I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that you guys did accomplish something amazing and inspiring, while not to your standards it is still something to hold your heads high. I think that the three of you gained valuable knowledge on your “practice” run and next time you will emerge victorious! Remember, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

  6. Kirsten October 29, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I must say that even the attempt of this great race was epic if not legendary. It is just one more fantastic story and achievement to place in K-twon’s book of awesome. So proud of you guys! I know Brandon and I both anxiously awaited each gps update as we monitered your progress by the little happy arrow indicating your location. You boys covered some rough terrain that would put the Oregon trail to shame! There were so many folks willing to hike out and supply fuel to the guys in order to keep their little engines chugging away! Makes me proud to be apart of the K-Town family, Congrats and a job well done by all!

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