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Art on Tap

Art on Tap at Knoxville Museum of Art this coming Tuesday April 30th at 6:30PM


Work: 5 RNFT – 5 Heavy med ball tosses, 10 heavy windmills ea. arm, 200m heavy plate pinch carry

Finisher: Goat work

“Art on Tap” Tuesday, April 30, the evening of beer, food and art at the KMA.

The art of brewing –

Samples of five Tenth and Blake Beer Company specialty beers will be available including Third Shift, brewed by master brewers after hours and off the clock, or Batch 19, a recipe discovered in an old brewer’s logbook detailing ingredients for a pre-prohibition style beer.

The art of cooking –

Each specialty beer will be paired with a fresh twist on your favorite food item, prepared by Central Flats and Taps.

The art of creating –

Five local contemporary artists will be creating live original works inspired by each specialty brew. Artists include: Ashley Addair, Mike Berry, Sarah McFalls, Alison Oakes and Jessie VanderLaan.

Tickets are $45 (or $35 with the promo code) and include a year-long membership to the KMA, five specialty pint glasses (one specially made for each featured beer), and a tote bag to carry new pint glasses and sponsor swag home.  All proceeds benefit the KMA and its mission to provide cultural experiences to the East Tennessee region.

Get you some culture,
Coach G

P.S. – Promo Code: CFK35 ($10 off)

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