Back to work…

Back to work…



Warm-up: Joint Mobility

Lax Ball Work: Rhomboids and Pec Minor

Power Snatch: Heavy 3, 95%x3, 90%x3

MetCon – AMRAP 7 min:
7 Front Squats (135/95lbs)
7 Pull-ups

Finisher: 3×15 Weighted Straight-leg Sit-ups & Supermans

I guess it is time to make this news blog-official: we are moving to a new, bigger spot very soon.  I hate putting dates to it because these things always end up getting pushed back, but it looks like we could be making the move the last weekend of this month.  When the time comes, we ask that everyone available bring a truck, trailer, or Conestoga wagon to help us move everything from Ktown 2.0 all the way to 3.0 (1.5 miles away).  More details will roll out as the process unfolds.

Until then, we understand that it is getting tight in the gym during some of our higher volume classes.  We hope that you understand this as well and continue to help us out during these busy classes by constantly moving forward with the warm-up, workout, and whatever else we have laid before you.  Now, some of you may be under the assumption that beginning the warm-up 10 minutes before class helps us.  This is not the case.  When this happens the class becomes disjointed with some people ready to begin the strength work while others are just now arriving (on time) and beginning the warm-up.  It would help us immensely if everyone was on the same page, or at the least the same chapter, during the class.

Time management is a big part of the coaching responsibility at Ktown, so do not be offended when we hurry you along or limit your time during something.  We always have the class’s and your best interest in mind.

Gees, it wasn’t that long ago that I was making this very same post regarding our small space back at CrossFit Ktown 1.0, and now we are about to make the jump to hyperspace with 3.0.  Where does the time go?

Coach G

P.S. – Noel, it seems we committed the crime of not determining whether we were speaking of relativistic or invariant mass.  One trends to infinity while velocity approaches c, the other is independent of velocity.  I suppose we were both right – stalemate.


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