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Best moment(s) at CFKT…

Great moment or the greatest moment for Ben?

Warm-up: 500m Row, Mobility

CrossFit Total:
1RM Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

What was your greatest moment at CrossFit Ktown?  Have you ever thought about it?

There are moments in life when we feel great (hopefully lots), and there are also moments that feel great.  I’m sure you’ve experienced both myriad times.  But have you ever reflected on any of them?  What good is action without reflection?  I know this has started out very Zen-Buddhist, but stick with me.

We have spoken at length on coachability and what it means to be coachable as a CrossFit Ktown athlete.  We have yet to touch on how to be a positive member or influence on the gym.  Most of you are already constructive members even if you don’t know it.  It’s just the kind of personality we seem to attract.  But could you offer more?

Let’s break a bit of a mental sweat here and think back to some of your greatest moments in the gym.  Like I said earlier they can range from you feeling great to the moment feeling great, from strength numbers to metcon times, from the Dora the Explorer cups to the muggy air Ktown perpetuates.  Now reflect on that moment.  First, what made it so great?  This nebulous idea can sometimes be a little trickier to pinpoint than one would think at first glance.  Spend some time on it.

Second, what were you doing, in both the acute and indistinct sense, to create this moment?  What events or decisions led to it?  If your moment happened to be getting your first pull-up, maybe it was coming in 10 minutes early every day for two weeks to work on your kip.  Even if your moment was ill-defined compared to the first pull-up example, you can still figure out how you arrived at it.

And lastly, how can you reproduce this moment?  What actions can you take to elicit more instances like your great one?  You have to put thought in to this to get something out of it.  It will help you become better-rounded as an athlete.  Don’t shirk the responsibility of following through with this little exercise.

Failing to act without reflection is like never changing your technique in the snatch despite all the coaching cues you are given.  Imagine pulling your first ever snatch and then sitting down for your rest ignoring the coaching cues given to you – and then repeating ad nauseam.  How far do you think you would make it as an Olympic lifter?

Coach G

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