Better Performance

Better Performance

Post-MetCon Death.

Warm-up: Arm Circles (all ways), Leg Swings (all ways), Foam Roll T-Spine (2 Minutes),

[10 OHS (PVC), 10 Serratus Push-Ups, 15 Sit-Ups x3]

Skill: Ring Push-Up

Clean and Jerk: Work up to Heavy Single

Finisher: 3×20 Ab Work (Athlete’s Choice), 3×10 Ring Push-Ups

***Reminder: If you want to run in the Barefoot Benefit 5K or 1 Mile this Sunday at Lambert Acre Farms please sign-up ASAP! We have a 15% discount for anyone from Ktown who wants to run it! Ktown is sponsoring this so let’s get some sign-ups!

Proper ring push-ups are HARD. I think Coach Tay Tay could tell you that after demonstrating about 100 today. Hopefully everyone learned a little more to perfecting your push-up position. Remember, we don’t teach things a certain way because “we say so.” We want to reinforce a good shoulder, hip, and back position so we don’t get painful shoulders, elbows, or lower backs (among other things). This holds true for push-ups done in MetCons. Don’t just work to get the reps done, work for the quality. Your body will thank you for it later. I think Dave “Parmesan” Parmly is a great example of a Ktowner always striving to get his technique down. He knows I hassle him, but he also knows it makes him a better athlete.

Keep on truckin,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. G8r Dave October 18, 2011 at 7:48 am

    I just hate being yelled at!

    Seriously, I have said it before: Visiting other boxes has given me a deeper appreciation for the superb quality of, and the genuine concern behind, the coaching we get at CFKT!

  2. Noel October 18, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Second! Dave rules!

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