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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! (cannonball?)

Andy Goode making 13.2 look easy with his ever-sharp technique!


Deadlift: 5RM

Power Snatch: Heavy Single

MetCon – 4RFT:
3 Muscle-ups
10 Full Cleans (135/95lbs)
500m Row


Shortest and easiest: This Saturday, March 30th, we will be hosting a small, unofficial Olympic weightlifting meet.  Weigh-in will be at 11AM and lifting will begin at noon.  There will be no weight classes, we will use an athlete’s weight to determine their Sinclair total score – and we will be using age-adjusted Malone-Meltzer scoring.

So that means you should come in, weigh, and then get ready to snatch and clean and jerk.  This is a GREAT opportunity for your first meet.  It will be a very casual affair.  There is even talk of beer and BBQ afterward.  Winning!


Let me begin with how excited I am about this upgrade.  It is going to help us bring our new athletes in to the gym in a more progressive and detailed manner while also keeping us coaches from inevitably having to run classes solo while another coach runs a fundamentals.  Without further ado, we are dropping the Fundamentals Program and replacing it with a month-long On Ramp.

How does this change affect current members?  We are offering the On Ramp classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7AM and 6:30PM.  That means a participant in the On Ramp can choose to come to either the morning or evening class, whichever one best fits their schedule.  We are closing our 7AM group class on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning April 2nd.  This class has historically been our lowest attended, so we know that this change will not affect many of you.  We are going to initially run the 6:30PM On Ramp class concurrently with our evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  We do not want to close those two classes because 6:30PM is often a busy time even on TR, so April will be a trial month for us to see how it works.

How does this change affect future members?  The biggest change is we will no longer do our 4-class Fundamentals.  We will now have an 8-class On Ramp program featuring more in-depth movement analysis and coaching to better prepare the new athlete for CrossFit.  It will also help the new athletes meet and get to know one another over the course of the four weeks.  We hope this will help new people forge bonds and build lasting relationships they can carry in to the group classes.  The other change is pricing.  The old Fundamentals was $100 for four sessions, and now the On Ramp will be $199 for eight sessions.

What do we want from our current members?  Great question – it’s almost like you are shilling for me.  We want our first On Ramp program to be a huge success!  The coaches have been busy creating and honing a curriculum that will best prepare the new athletes for the strength and conditioning we do at CrossFit Ktown.  We have also been implementing new systems to deal with old problems.  Because of this, we have been slow to get the word out about this new On Ramp.  But here it is!

We are beginning the first On Ramp course next week, Tuesday April 2nd.  As mentioned earlier, the class meets on Tuesday and Thursday at either 7AM or 6:30PM.  We want all of you to help us get the word out to your friends and family that you think would be a good fit at Ktown.  You can let them know that if they get on the schedule for the month of April we will give them $100 off their On Ramp course.  So for just this first course, we are offering it for $99.  We are confident you cannot get this level of coaching and expertise anywhere else in Knoxville.  So shout it from the hilltops: CrossFit Ktown is starting their On Ramp next week and it is only $99!!

We fully expect you all to help us fill April up with a bunch of new, quality members…

Coach G

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