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Billy Lush!

Billy Lush!



Skill: Kipping pull-up and bar muscle-up

1a) Pendlay Rows: 3×5
1b) Tall Box Jumps: 3×3 (step down)

MetCon – 4RFT:
12 Weighted DB Sit-ups
12 Slam Balls
12 Hang Power Cleans (135/95lbs)

Fellow Ktowners,

Looking for something to mix in between wod’s this summer for that active recovery day that allows you to enjoy the sun and water? Look no further! Billy Lush Paddle Sports is here!!

Who is this Billy Lush you speak of? If you have been at the gym lately you may of seen some guy using a pole to propel himself across the gym on a skate board that looks big enough to surf on.  Unfortunately, that person is me, not the infamous Billy Lush. Though he does exist…

Billy Lush is actually a company founded by my neighbor, Abe Kiggins.    The paper did an article on Abe and his twin brother last summer featuring the longboards we make here in Knoxville for land paddling.  That’s right…land paddling! Land Paddling Video

Ok, so I know you’re thinking…”What does a big skateboard have to do with water?”. Well, our long boards are actually designed to complement SUP, Stand Up Paddling on the water. SUP has become a huge leisure water activity as well as a major professional race sport. We are Knoxville’s exclusive dealer for Yolo Boards ( This April we will be offering fitness classes on the area lakes using the paddle boards! We will have SUP Yoga and PaddleFit classes lead by your one and only Yogility coach, Dani Huff Boaz!

In addition to the fitness classes we will have rentals, tours, and sales of the paddle boards. Cruising around the lake on a paddle board is very easy and a great low impact exercise. Heck, you can even fish off these bad boys.

We will have a booth at the boat show on March 7th-10th at the downtown convention center. You may of seen our booth staged in the gym this week. Each day will have a drawing to win a 1 hour paddle board rental for 2 and free class coupons, so come check us out to register. If you can’t make it to the show, check us out at Our fitness class schedule, rental info, and rates can be found on the site. We also do free demos of both the long boards and the paddle boards. If you’re interested in a demo, you can contact me at Another way to stay in the loop is to send the great “Billy Lush” a friend request and “like” our business page BillyLushBrand or get in our group “Billy Lush Paddle Sports of Knoxville” on facebook.

Keep Living Lush!

Kenny Reed

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  1. L Shizzle March 7, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Word, I love it. I am going to have to try my hand at the land boards.
    Everyone should try the paddle boards. I thought it was going to be very difficult due to my inability to balance, but it wasn’t at all. I can totally see me cruising around with a dog chillin on the front of my board. Plus I’m super excited about this inflatable option that comes in a pack so you can hike with it or whatever and then jump on some rapids with it.
    Kenny I’m so glad you have introduced Billy Lush into my life, I look forward to getting more involved with the sport.

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