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Burn Your New Year’s Resolution List

Should burn at around 451 degrees Fahrenheit. The New Year is only a few days young. Why am I telling you to burn your New Year’s resolution (NYR) list? Because, simply, most of you will not succeed so don't waste your time. I do not mean that to be overly harsh or critical. [...]

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On Compounding

Exponential compounding!   Albert Einstein once said, “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” Though he was often caught sitting slouched in his velour chair smoking on a pipe, the man himself was no slouch (so I’m told). This is where I would somehow verbally insert the classic Einstein photo [...]

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On CFKT’s sleep tracking

(Co)sleeping like a baby! Several of you have asked the obvious question: Why are we tracking the hours slept before midnight versus the total hours slept in a night? I will give you two answers. First, the one based in behavioral economics, is that I want to incentivize you to get to bed [...]

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Summer of Squats 2018 edition

Skwats! A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away we were possibly over-concerned with strength. There was the 70s Big phenomenon. We had the Mark Rippetoe-induced strength cycles and gallons of whole milk per day episodes. And we may have even shirked some of our conditioning responsibilities in pursuit of [...]

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Forging Elite Fetuses

Ashley set to announce that she is growing a human. My fellow Ktowners, I’d like to tell you about my 2-year journey that will hopefully be bringing another option to you and yours within the Knoxville CrossFitting community by year’s end. Thank you in advance for accepting my humble plea for support and [...]

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For feet’s sake!

Rebecca knows that neutral feet help create torque throughout the system! “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” – Leonardo da Vinci “In all forms of strategy, it is necessary to maintain the combat stance in everyday life and to make your everyday stance your combat stance. [...]

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Patience as a technique in weightlifting

Lu Xiaojun moments before initiating his second pull. The Olympic lifts require great speed and power. But that speed and power should not only be imparted to the barbell, it should also be used to get the athlete under the bar into the receiving position. A lot of CrossFit athletes rely too [...]

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On Pareto’s Principle and Via Negativa

The Antifragile Triad About six years ago some gentlemen from CFKT started a book club. There is usually a lifecycle to these sorts of things, but this one has somehow waxed and waned for over half a decade now and yet still breathes. Of the faces in the club some are non-members, former [...]

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Summer of Squats 2017

#squadgoals & #squatgoals Let’s just do a quickie for you all today. Our Summer of Squats 2017 has begun. I am going to lay out the current template and introduce you to our new Saturday programming. Here we go! Monday – 3x8 squats, practice conditioning ~8-12 min (more O-lift focused) Tuesday – upper [...]

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