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Swag update with new pieces added!

Still have this sweet hoodie to don through the cold winter months at Ktown! It's Tony, your CFKT swagmaster.  I wanted to reach out & mention that several folks have asked for a heavy, non-zip hoodie in addition to the other wardrobe needs...Said their 2017 year would start off horribly if this piece wasn't [...]

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Swag order

Hoodie swag on fleek?   (Links weren't working right through Wodify email. Here is everything in blog format. Should be working meow.) We have some new clothing options coming at you this winter. By popular demand we have added 3/4 sleeve henleys, light and heavyweight hoodies, stylish long sleeves, and plenty of the [...]

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Silk slippers versus hobnailed boots

The 5AM crew continues to grow! “History is only the pattern of silken slippers descending the stairs to the thunder of hobnailed boots climbing upward from below.” – Voltaire It is possible that Voltaire was not in fact the one to say this. I could not find any conclusive evidence, but I am [...]

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November Paleo Challenge 2016

Just some Brussels sprouts and bacon paired with roasted leg of lamb. Side of basil pesto. NOVEMBER PALEO CHALLENGE Hey Ktowners, Several of you have been asking about a November Paleo Challenge like last year, and we love your enthusiasm. Because so many of you saw great results, learned about diet and health, [...]

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On the Importance of Setup Part III

Mobility to better help us setup! I’m rolling this thing out faster than a lot of you can read, and for that I apologize. Here is Part III (if you missed Part I or Part II, check them out) in our series entitled “On The Importance of Setting Up.” In this post I will [...]

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Practice does NOT make perfect

Truth. The old adage that “practice makes perfect” needs revision. This statement makes it seem as if putting in the requisite time will eventually allow anyone to become an expert at any given task or discipline to which they apply themselves. This point of view offers an enticing idea: that simply putting in [...]

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On the importance of setup, part II

Angle between lats and humerus should be as close to 90 degrees as possible when setting up for a deadlift. ***This is a repost from July 2nd, 2013. Please enjoy!*** The first part of this series discussed the most frequently used lift performed at CrossFit Ktown: the squat.  This post will delve into [...]

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On the importance of setup – Part I

Oktoberfest coozie holding an Oktoberfest boozie.   ***Note - This is a repost from May 29th, 2013. Please enjoy!*** When telling a joke, setup is important.  When constructing a wind and rain proof camp, setup is important.  When writing a blog post on setup position, setup is important… This post begins a series [...]

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Mental toughness is developed and cultivated, not given.

Two blog images in a row based on Dune. You're welcome. It has become almost a cliché in American sports that an athlete in the NFL, MLB, NBA, or MLS is described as a “mentally tough” athlete when they come back from injury or battle through a personal loss or overcome some sort [...]

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Vague Rituals at Ktown

This. Is. Phenomenal! ***Note - This is a repost from November 19th, 2013. Please enjoy!*** Empires do not suffer emptiness of purpose at the time of their creation.  It is when they have become established that aims are lost and replaced by vague ritual. –Words of Muad’dib by Princess Irulan This little gem [...]

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