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Patience as a technique in weightlifting

Lu Xiaojun moments before initiating his second pull. The Olympic lifts require great speed and power. But that speed and power should not only be imparted to the barbell, it should also be used to get the athlete under the bar into the receiving position. A lot of CrossFit athletes rely too much [...]

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A couple of interesting reads…

Reading is sexy! Let’s talk low carb. For those of you striving to lose weight, stay lean, or simply eat healthier, this may be an option for you. If you’re seeking nutrition solutions and would be up for reading some clear, hard-hitting nutrition science that supports a balanced low carb diet, I suggest [...]

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Bring a Friend Week 2016

A teaching moment for the push press and jerk. Next week, August 22nd through 26th, is our biannual Bring a Friend Week. This is your opportunity to prove to us that you do in fact possess friends outside of the gym. And if your friend is anything like you, they will fit right [...]

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Preparing your body and joints for maximum effort

Let me take y'all back here... The Importance of the Warm-up/Preparing Your Body and Joints for Maximum Effort As we finish the Back Squat portion of Summer of Squats and prepare to tackle further challenges (Death Days, Oktoberfest, front squats, upper body conditioning, etc.), it becomes even more important that we prepare our [...]

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Why you should sign-up for the Jacked and Tan Classic

Tongue in cheek. Number 1: Celebrate all of your hard work! Guys and gals, training day in and day out is exhausting work both physically and mentally, especially during summer of squats. Having a marker to test yourself by is a great way to stay motivated and reward yourself for all of [...]

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Squats, leg strength, and weightlifting

Lovely squat position here. A tried and true method for coming up with blog post ideas is to jot down any conversations I may have with multiple members. If athletes are asking the same questions it stands to reckon it is either important, there is ambiguity somewhere, or we are not doing a [...]

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