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Body to bar contact in the clean and snatch

Lidia Valentin knows how important body bar contact is! This post is going to get a little technical so bear with me, and I will try to keep it as straightforward as possible. From time to time, you probably hear myself or one of the other coaches talking about body to bar contact [...]

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Coaching Philosophy at CFKT

Coach Markstache coaching a skills class on rowing. Continuing with our ongoing theme of giving you an inside look into the workings of the gym, this post is going to give a brief explanation of the coaching philosophy at CrossFit Ktown. The most important thing to understand is that… Coaching CrossFit is exactly [...]

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What does Day 1 On Ramp look like at CrossFit Ktown?

Squat prep or getting down, you be the judge... Thanks to the two most recent blog posts (presumably), we had several recent inquiries to our On Ramp program and all that it entails. I have touted the progressive curriculum and application of our On Ramp as one of the best systems CrossFit Ktown [...]

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The Commoditization of CrossFit

Examples of common commodities. “Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions.” – Robert Kiyosaki’s “rich dad” in Rich Dad, Poor Dad I received a call today from a lady “wanting to check the prices of all the CrossFit gyms in Knoxville.” I gladly obliged and told her straight away about our $199 On Ramp program, [...]

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Remember, we are more than a gym! Hey Ktowners, Congratutlations on making it to the last week of the current cycle! Hopefully, you all were able to hit a PR or two or three today. More traditional heavy lifting is heading your way in the upcoming cycle. Make sure you keep reading the [...]

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