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2503, 2015

Friday Night Lights – The Final Installment

By |March 25th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|0 Comments

Good evening, friends.
The final installment in the Friday Night Lights series is upon us. Every gym in Knoxville and the surrounding areas has made this series a resounding success. A large part of the success also belongs to the volunteers and athletes that have turned out for each event. On behalf of all the hosts, […]

1903, 2015


By |March 19th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|2 Comments

What is your #mondaymotivation?

Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of the winter lull. Yes, with January 1st and New Years’ Day, there is always a type of re-energizing into your health and fitness and wellness, but right about now is when the “winter blues” feeling starts to creep in. Have you been feeling it? We […]

1203, 2015

Minimum effective dose

By |March 12th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|0 Comments

This is a repost from June 20th, 2012.

Minimum effective dose of Coach G: very low.  You don’t need to see a lot of me to have you day brightened and bettered.  There have been studies.  So what is minimum effective dose?  Let us break it down.

The effective dose as it relates to pharmacology is the […]

403, 2015

Fighting F*ck It

By |March 4th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|3 Comments

I think it is safe to say we have all been in the place where it feels like everything is against our best intentions. For example…eating healthy all morning, but now there is cake in the break room. Shoot. Sunday meal prep is upon you and your groceries are ready, but The Walking Dead marathon […]

303, 2015

Friday Night Lights at Ktown – 15.1 Recap

By |March 3rd, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|1 Comment


Friday Night Lights at Ktown – 15.1 Recap
Hey Gang,

What a great start to the 2015 CrossFit Open! Last Friday, lots of you came out to work out, help out, and hang out for this year’s first Open workout and the first ever Friday Night Lights. It was a great time and there were some huge […]

2402, 2015

Why you should do the Open, from someone who has spent the past few weeks dreading the Open… by Sara Haugli

By |February 24th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|0 Comments

Why you should do the Open, from someone who has spent the past few weeks dreading the Open…
I’m the first person to tell everyone else in the gym to do the Open, but it wasn’t until just this past Friday that I finally told myself I would also be doing it. I’ll get back to […]

1802, 2015

Eating in the name of…

By |February 18th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|0 Comments

Eating in the name of…
Dammit, CBo.  I don’t want to hear you talk about food.

Trust me, I get it.  It’s not a topic I want to talk about, but it’s something I need to.  They say preachers’ topics often imitate what they’re going through personally, so this post goes into that bucket.  Except I’m not […]

1202, 2015

I hate rowing…

By |February 12th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|1 Comment

I hate rowing. There, I said it! Dare I say I’m not alone? I’m sure some of you out there feel the same way. “But wait a minute Mark,” you might say, “I see you rowing a lot & you took that Rowing course in Memphis back in August. You must love to row?!?” Well, […]

1002, 2015

Learn How to Learn

By |February 10th, 2015|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville|1 Comment

Being the husband of a teacher, and more specifically a special education teacher, I am often picking up the various styles of learning that Katie uses in her classroom as she interacts with a myriad of students.  Of course, having a background in exercise physiology, I often find myself pondering the implications concerning how we […]

402, 2015

Knowledge bombs from the B-52 Samantha Lane

By |February 4th, 2015|Uncategorized|1 Comment

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; the mantra of many CrossFitters. I will definitely not devalue pushing ourselves to our limits, but is this always true? Is an injury worth it?

The blog posts over the past few weeks have touched on safety, but I want to talk about it a little more as you […]