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Bring a Friend Week 2016

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Bring a Friend Week 2016

A teaching moment for the push press and jerk.

A teaching moment for the push press and jerk.

Next week, August 22nd through 26th, is our biannual Bring a Friend Week. This is your opportunity to prove to us that you do in fact possess friends outside of the gym. And if your friend is anything like you, they will fit right in with our fellowship of shared suffering!

Feel free to share the following post with your potential friend:

Hello potential Ktowner! We are happy to know that you keep such good friends, and we would love for you to join us during our Bring a Friend Week. This is a great opportunity to check out CrossFit Ktown. We have a unique culture, personality, facility, equipment, and coaching that we think makes us unique from other gyms in Knoxville. One great way you can experience that is to come with your friend next week and try us out for a class or three!

Here are some blog posts we’ve done in the recent past that will help answer questions like Why Fitness? and Why CrossFit? These will help explain our philosophy of fitness, health, and living a more fulfilled life. We are firm believers in chasing long term athletic development. And we think it is important to maximize our human potential via exercise, nutrition, reading, and thinking.

The reasons you should choose to do your CrossFit at Ktown are numerous. Facility, equipment, coaching, personality, laughing, and caring are just a few reasons why we think you should begin your fitness journey with us. But a lot of that is just subjective stuff that YOU need to come and figure out for yourself. So check us out and take advantage of the $50 off special offer that comes with Bring a Friend Week!

Coach G

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