Aaron hitting some front rack weighted step-ups.

Aaron hitting some front rack weighted step-ups during our last CORE class.


All right guys, it’s coming down to the wire! The SECOND session of CrossFit Ktown CORE will begin on TUESDAY, February 3rd.

Remember, CORE is a fantastic new 8-week program that will help you get your MIND, MOUTH, and MUSCLES on the right track.

Maybe you’re focused on losing a little bit of fat around that midsection or rear-end…you could also be focused on becoming a stronger, faster athlete… whatever your personal goals, this program will be the answer!

CORE includes personalized nutrition coaching, free Bod Pod measurements, a workbook full of nutrition knowledge, and (most importantly) ACCOUNTABILITY. Everyone needs a support team to accomplish goals!

To sign up, please navigate HERE to fill out a short questionnaire by tomorrow’s class time. Once we receive the questionnaire, we will follow up via email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email or call/text us:

Samantha: 865-789-0252

Miranda: 810-577-2157


Thank you!

<3 Miranda and Samantha


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