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CFKT Kids in May

CFKT Kids in May

New toys!

New toys!


I know you’re all jealous of the workouts drawn on the CrossFit Kids board. I am. While the Wodify programming contains a wide variety of 10RMs and 1K rowing tests, the Kids board is just covered with colorful pictures and games. Who wouldn’t want to play games for a workout?! Yes, CrossFit Kids classes are really as exciting as they look on that colorful board!

The CrossFit Kids program, modeled after the CrossFit program, uses the template of varied, functional exercises performed at high intensity. Adjustments are made, of course, to accommodate kids and teens. With a primary focus on proper technique, the kids learn nearly everything we do in the adult classes. In simplest of terms, though, we jump, run, lift, swing, leap, tumble, and burpee…and it’s all fun.

A typical CrossFit Kids class contains a fun game or activity for the warm-up. A few minutes are then spent learning or focusing on a skil. This skill portion of class might be working through very slow squats or learning an entire new movement such as the thruster. The WOD is often an AMRAP or time-based metcon – sometimes this is even in the form of a game. Lastly, we always play a game! This is typically the most anticipated portion of class…the kids don’t even realize that they are still “working out!” (Just don’t tell them that.)

The weekly schedule will change during the summer months, so this is a prime opportunity to get your children involved in the program. We currently offer classes for children ages 4 through early teens. If you’re a parent who has struggled to get your kids involved in our Kids program because of scheduling, we want to hear from you! Send me an email at, a Facebook message, or just corner me at the gym one evening. CrossFit Kids is truly an amazing program; we are diligently working to make it a thriving part of Ktown.

Here’s the most exciting part…

Every Saturday during May, Kids classes will be FREE. That’s right – the Saturday morning 8:45AM class is FREE. This is your chance to check us out and invite all the kids of the neighborhood as well. Also, we will be encouraging our Ktown kids to bring friends every week; there may even be a prize for the one who brings the most friends throughout May! It’s sure to be an exciting month!

Coach Emily

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