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CFKT Kids!

CFKT Kids!

Part of the obstacle course at the CF Kids Jamboree

Part of the obstacle course at the CF Kids Jamboree

In case you hadn’t heard, the CF Kids Jamboree turned out to be an INCREDIBLE success! There was an obstacle course, a relay race, a few rounds of Cindy, and a massive game of Dodgeball! We housed a total of 45 kiddos, representative of gyms from all around Knoxville. I’m not sure I’ve come down off cloud nine quite yet. If you weren’t able to be a part of the day, you surely missed out! Don’t worry, we will do it again!

As we enter the new school year, I want you to be aware of the shift in schedule for our kids classes AND the importance of those classes. Throughout the summer, classes have been held in the morning, but since school schedule doesn’t exactly allow that, we are going to be moving the classes to the afternoons. Starting THIS WEEK, Kids classes will be taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30PM (and still Saturday at 8:45AM). This will (hopefully) give you a chance to pick little Timmy up from school and get to the gym just in time to start a class. And, if you hadn’t had a chance to workout yet, you can simply jump into the 3:30PM adult class. Works perfectly, huh?! Kids classes typically last 45 minutes (due to the lack of attention spans!) so little Timmy can hang out in the kids room and color on the chalkboard wall until your class is done.

It’s so crucial for kids to learn healthy habits at a young age. Our kids at Ktown have such a unique opportunity to learn these habits early! I didn’t personally figure out this healthy lifestyle thing until I turned 25 and I’ve had a lot of catching up to do. Oh, to have started when I was 4! CrossFit Kids is the PERFECT way to start teaching them these habits that are so crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Our Ktown kids – in just a short amount of time – have learned so much. They’re far more coordinated and more confident. They can jump higher and farther, and they get excited when I program burpees. (That one continues to baffle me!) They amaze me at every class how excited they are to learn new things and try things that are difficult.

The Kids program mirrors our adult program on so many levels. They learn to squat, lift, carry, press, jump, run, and burpee (sure, it can be a verb). They also learn how to work as a team and how to give their very best. They indirectly learn how to come in first place and how to gracefully come in last place. These are ALL life skills our kids will carry with them for a lifetime to come.

Just as with the adult program, we offer a monthly rate for the kids, but we also offer a drop-in rate if you can’t commit to the full week of classes. Consistency is key, however, just trying it out is a step in the right direction.

So. MW 3:30PM and Saturday 8:45AM. Ages 4 to young teenagers. Bring your kids. Bring your grandkids. Bring your nieces and nephews. Bring your neighbors’ kids. I can fully guarantee they will have a good time…

Coach Emily



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