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Climbing Whoops

Climbing Whoops

CBo showing how it's done!

Warm-up: 2 Minute Foam Roll Legs, 2 Minute Foam Roll T-Spine, Hip Opener (30 seconds), 20 Lunges, 20 Push Press, 10 Hang Power Snatches, 10 Pull-Ups

Speed Deadlift: 1 DL every 30 seconds for 10 minutes (65% 1RM) – Load up tension

MetCon – Not For Time:
3-3-3-3 Clean Pulls (start with 1RM clean and increase in weight every set)
15 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Muscle-Ups
40 Toes-Through-Rings
1 Minute L-Sit on Parallettes
3 Sled Drags (50m) (increase in weight every drag)

There was a big whoopsie on my part guys! The climbing trip has been rescheduled for March 19thdue to me being stupid and not realizing March 5th was already booked for other things. The next weekend Coach G, Blake Gibson, and The Phoenix will be ice climbing and summiting Mount Washington so we are going to wait one more weekend. Mark your calendars because this will be a lot of fun! Sorry for the confusion. Sign-ups are on the gym whiteboard.

Get your name on it now,
<3 Coach Miss J

You can do it too!

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