Warm-up: Foam Roll/ Joint Mobility

3 Rounds – Not For Time:
Bounding Box Jumps: 8-10
Pistols: 2-5 Each Leg
Toes-to-Bar: 8-10

Deadlift: Heavy Single (Not 1RM)

MetCon – Not For Time:
3-5 Rounds
Row 250m
7 Push Press
Rest 2 Minutes
(Push Press increases each round. Do not break the push press. Row the 250m as hard as possible)

Next Saturday during the open gym we will be doing the “31 Heroes” WOD. This is in honor of the 31 heroes who were killed on August 6th 2011 in the helicopter crash. One soldier in particular had special meaning to one of our former Ktowners. This will be the competitor WOD for the week. It is to be done with a partner.

“31Heroes” WOD
AMRAP 31 Min (As Many Reps As Possible)
8 Thrusters (155/105)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24)

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

Score – Total # of reps

Closed tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. LT December 22, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Umm, rope climb??? Have you seen the size of my butt…. These arms can’t hoist that much 15ft in the air. Lol. Who wants to be my partner and do all the rope climbs.

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