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Alex Anderson 

Alex Anderson hails from Dunwoody, Georgia where he grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister. He grew up playing sports his whole life alongside his brothers and ended up playing baseball, football, and wrestled in high school. After graduating in 2008 he took his football talents to Maryville, Tennessee where he played football at Maryville College. After watching his father win the Crossfit Games as a Master in 2011, he knew CrossFit was what he wanted to do upon graduation. He came to Ktown to be a competitor on the infamous Jacked and Tan team in 2013. After the team narrowly missed Qualifying for the games by taking 5th, he decided to commit full time to CrossFit and train fulltime as an individual competitor. He took 8th in the Central East Region in 2014 and started every match for the Miami Surge in the NPGL. Alex brings a different perspective to the coaching staff by providing his first hand experience as a elite competitor and the insight that he has gained through his competitive endeavors.

Ian Helling 

Ian Helling

Early in Ian’s life, he was fascinated with bodybuilding thanks to movies featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. If not playing sports during high school he could be found in the gym training for hours. Later in life the gym rat lifestyle didn’t fit in with his demanding retail schedule and in 2011 he discovered CrossFit. Fascinated by the results that one hour a day could get, Ian began to train himself in and out of traditional gyms. Once Ian moved with his wife to Knoxville he was a able to join CrossFit Ktown where it all came together. A couple months into joining Ktown Ian got his CF-L1 certificate and 2 years later Ian made a big decision to quit his job, get a CF Kids certificate, and focus on all things CrossFit and strength & conditioning. Ian approaches each day with this in mind, “The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away” Ian hopes to inspire kids and anyone he works with to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mark Lane

Mark Lane brings enthusiasm and knowledge to the CrossFit Ktown team, but above all he brings an air of positivity. Often referred to as Good People Man, he uses his talents for good, never evil, for the benefit of those around him. From a childhood spent playing team sport to 15 years of competitive rugby, Mark loves to work with others and help them enjoy being active. He has been part of the CrossFit Ktown community for over 5 years, and holds a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and CrossFit Rowing certificate. His desire to continually grow as a coach, paired with life experiences, makes Mark an approachable person to share countless tips and tidbits with members. In addition to helping people within the gym, Mark is a US Air Force veteran and currently serves his community as a Senior Firefighter for the City of Knoxville Fire Department.

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

Her approach may be considered tough love, but Samantha Lane will help you accomplish a goal.  Whether it be developing a new skill or defining a new food plan, Samantha’s approach of discipline and “bite-size pieces” will get you there. After years of playing competitive sports, Samantha found herself in a full-time desk job without a team. In January 2010, she discovered CrossFit Ktown and found her fitness family.  Aside from being passionate about Olympic lifting, she believes that activity, healthy eating, and overall wellness should be at the core of everyone’s life. In fact, you will often find her pushing members to major milestones in the CFKT CORE program. Outside of the gym, she is involved with various philanthropic endeavors and helps non-traditional students pursue an education through her role at King University. With a BA in Public Relations, a Master in Business Administration, and a CF-L1, the best thing she has learned is to take the staircase one step at a time.

Taylor Layman

Taylor Layman

Taylor has a background in high school and collegiate athletics, including Division I football. Taylor found Crossfit in 2009, and he has been coaching Crossfit since 2010. Additionally, he has competed in Crossfit at the local and regional level, including trips to the Crossfit Games Regionals in 2010, 2011, and 2012. No matter your fitness goals or current level of fitness, Taylor has the experience to help you get to the next level.

Dave Parmly


Dave was born in 1959, so he’s been around longer than most of the other coaches.  Dave came to CF by a wandering path but found a home at CF KTown.    Dave, 3X a father and now a grandfather, has spent over 5 decades on earth, the last 30 years of which have been spent trying many things to get or stay in shape, with mostly lesser success.  Dave credits CF Ktown with being the place he is laying down a foundation of health for the second half of his life.  Dave loves to engage CFKT’s older members, encouraging them to look beyond what others are doing, and focusing on getting better right where they are in life.  Dave has plenty of mobility limitations, impingements and goats that remind him of how much work is ahead of him, so he can empathize with those like him, no matter how young or old.  As an ex-Ranger, he still feels bound by the Creed that says that, “…as a Ranger, my country expects to move further, faster and to fight harder than any other soldier.”  The fight Dave is trying to help people prepare for now is just living life to the fullest.

Grant Scalf

Grant Scalf

Grant is the owner of CrossFit Ktown. He has been coaching athletes since 2003 and began personally training clients in 2005. As a former University of Tennessee student in Exercise Physiology, he is passionate about exercise and its role in our society today. Grant brings a wide range of thorough knowledge to Ktown: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance and Club coach, CF Nutrition, CF Movement and Mobility, CF Barbell, NSCA-CPT, and OPT-CCP modules (ongoing as of 2015). Grant is also active in the Knoxville community as he is the President of a Knoxville-based non-profit called Knox Creeks, where he really enjoys giving back to the community and environment that has helped shape him.

Michelle Smith

Michelle J. Smith is a Public Health graduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Prior to her move to Knoxville in 2013, Michelle served as a middle school teacher and basketball coach in Columbia, South Carolina. It was in Columbia where she was introduced to CrossFit to help her balance the rigors of teaching and being a graduate student at the University of South Carolina. Michelle has been doing CrossFit for four years, and in 2013 she received her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate.  She enjoys watching people strive to become better versions of themselves and is honored to have this opportunity to coach at Crossfit Ktown.

Chris Winstead


Christopher Joel Winstead is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee by way of a degree in Electrical Engineering, and in his free time endeavors to apply the systematic approach he has spent the last four years honing to his pursuits in weightlifting. His efforts have led him to qualifying totals for University Weightlifting Nationals in the 85kg and 94kg classes, where he competed alongside such illustrious names as Kendrick Farris (ok, maybe he just saw him there once). Currently, he can be found furthering his education in the graduate program at UT and helping members in their efforts to relocate the barbell from floor to overhead in CrossFit Ktown’s weightlifting class.