Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Expanding the comfort zone

Expanding the comfort zone

Warm-Up: Tire Drag Forward, Tire Drag Backward, 10 1-arm KB swings, 20 Push Ups, Samson Stretch x2

Squat: 3 x 5

MetCon – For Time:

12 – 9 – 6

DB Push Press (50% Bodyweight)

Strict Pull-Ups

-What do you consider to be your comfort zone? Not just communication habits, proximity to strangers, or your habitual everyday routine…let’s reflect on what you consider to be your comfort zone in other aspects. Our so-called “comfort zone” can be considered a remarkably negative thing when it comes to progression. I’ll give you an example of some things in my comfort zone:

Diet – Burritos, meat (pretty much any kind), dips (queso, salsa, guacamole), pizza, eggs, coffee, diet coke.

Exercise – Short WOD with real heavy weight

Clothing – Jeans and a t-shirt

-I could continue in more detail, but I think I’ll use these examples to prove my point. As you can see, there are some positive things in my comfort zone of diet. However the good things such as eggs and meat that I love are dramatically outweighed by pizza, burritos, cheese dip, and diet coke. Let’s look at my exercise comfort zone, I LOVE short, heavy MetCons! Load up the bar and turn me loose. But whenever I see an Angie, Cindy, or a longer bodyweight MetCon, I cringe with fear. Now, other than diet and exercise you see I used something that I normally wouldn’t discuss…however I did this to further illustrate my point as you’ll see shortly.

-It’s obvious that if I stay within my comfort zone, I’ll be somewhat fit and make gains to a certain degree. What are we working towards though? I’ll answer that for you, fitness all across the board, in all domains of time and exercise. Now comes in my example of clothing. I have always loved jeans and t-shirts, it’s been my go-to dress for years. This attire plays a crucial role, however my girlfriend loves when I dress nice, and I must put on more formal clothing for church and other business excursions. I notice that when I dress outside my comfort zone positive things happen, such as a happier girlfriend and new business with new clients. Identifying these things and working on them has definitely helped my comfort zone grow, for now I am comfortable (and even more confident) in clothing that wasn’t included in my original zone of comfort.

-A comfort zone in exercise can include anything from a specific type of MetCon to a specific movement. I notice that there are many times when the last 2 inches of a squat have been neglected. Those last 2 inches aren’t in your comfort zone, and I’ll tell you why…IT’S HARDER TO GO ALL THE WAY DOWN! The moment that you begin to include those last 2 inches in EVERY repetition, you will no longer even consider partial range of motion. Once again, we can make gains to some degree by doing ½ and ¾ squats, but compared to doing a full ROM squat the benefits are exponentially different. Now perhaps you come  up against one of those dreaded MetCons and while comfort level may vary the level of intensity should not. If a workout falls into this category, then even more mental preparation and determination should be executed in order to meet the same intensity.

-Coach CBo

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  1. crossfitktown December 31, 2009 at 6:30 am

    I’m about to get out of my comfort zone to do some public speaking in front of all you yahoos. Speaking about the lecture on Saturday and Sunday of course!
    -Miss J

  2. Matthew December 31, 2009 at 11:36 am

    I feel like you are hating on Moes. Dont talk about Season behind her back

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