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Competitor Alert

Competitor Alert

Are you in the pain cave with mobility?

Joe's just a little tired!

Warm-up: 8 Ring Dips, 15 Sit-Ups, 10 OHS (45/25lbs), 10 Muscle Snatches (45/25lbs), 5 Strict Pull-Ups x2

Skill: Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance: 1RM

MetCon – Griff:
2 Rounds for Time
800m Run
400m Backwards Run

Finisher: Foam Roll Quads/ IT Bands

Competitor Alert!!! Sound the sirens!!! Wave the flags!!! (I don’t know what that last one was about I just had a mental image of it.)

We’ve told those of you wanting to compete in the Garage Games or in Sectionals to start doing one 2-a-day a week to get in some volume. Your blanket workout for the week is this…

Warm-Up: Whatever you want
Skill: Hit weaknesses for 15 minutes
Strength: Make up any missed lifts
MetCon – For Time:
Kettlebell Swings
200m Run
(The 200m run is just one per round)

Feel free to come in and do the workout during the week or on Saturday. If you choose to do it during the week your first workout will be the programmed WOD then your second workout will be your competitor WOD. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. We are currently taking a look at everybody’s strength numbers, MetCon times, and weaknesses. From that point on we will address everyone individually and put together some exercises for you all to do during the weakness portion of your workout or on your own time.

Competitions rock,
<3 Coach Miss J

Jacob doing some serious work on a Saturday.

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