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CrossFit Kids at Ktown begins the Fall session

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CrossFit Kids at Ktown begins the Fall session

CFKT Kids class brings the FUN!

CFKT Kids class brings the FUN!

Watching the sun hang in the sky, for what seemed to be an eternity on June 21st, my childhood memories of summers past came flooding back. I remember growing up in the humid, mosquito infested city of New Orleans which, right now, is not much different from a summer in East Tennessee. Memories of Mom yelling, “Be in by 7!” which we always treated as a request rather than a demand. My brother and I would return around 8:45 with dirt under our fingernails and if we were lucky some skinned knees, because that meant we were tough that day. The contest every summer was to see who could have the most white in their baseball caps from the collected sweat stains. As I sat there enjoying the sunset and memories I could hear something rare in the distance, “PASS…I’M OPEN…BALL! BALL!” and it brought a smile to my face.

I guess my first full week of coaching the kids’ classes had me more aware of the sounds of summer than in recent years past. There are a plethora of reasons those sounds are rare these days; television, social media, internet trolling and the biggest one of all, gaming. We all enjoy a good day of recovery and “vegging” and I don’t intend to preach about the addictiveness of gaming but just a quick note: “The American Heart Association reports the average child spends four to six hours per day on the computer, watching TV, or playing video games”. With multiple reports stating 1 in 3 kids are considered obese in the United States, how can we engage kids to want to get off the couch and live a healthy lifestyle?

As adults our motivations for joining a CrossFit box can be anything from improving our mobility to living longer lives or just looking good while at the beach. But for CrossFit Kids members, 3 to 12 years of age, it’s simply to get to the game. Children want and should have fun when being introduced to fitness. One of the challenges faced while attempting to engage children with fitness is poor coaching in sports. I’m sure to not be alone in remembering the missed play during soccer or football practice that was punished with suicides or bear crawls until the whole team felt like puking. This can be problematic as children from the time they are born to about seven years of age have double the synapses, if not more, than the average adult does. “Synapses are the microscopic areas between neurons where communication takes place,” (Cyndi Rodi, CrossFit Kids Magazine, March 2009). Synapses is also where we encode information. So if children experience these uncomfortable situations and process them as fitness it will likely be more challenging to engage them in their teens or young adulthood to make exercise a priority. So rule #1 in CrossFit Kids at Ktown is to always bring the FUN!

I would love to go through all the information about CrossFit Kids in this one blog post but it’s simply impossible to condense all that I have already learned and hope to implement into 500 words or less. I intend to share the philosophy and science behind the CrossFit Kids programming with the CFKT community over the next couple of months and hope it’s interesting and informative as to why children need fitness now more than ever. But until then, here is the Fall schedule for the CF Kids classes:

Tuesday and Thursday: ***3:30-4:15PM CrossFit Kids 3 & 4 year olds***, 4:30-5:15PM CrossFit Kids 5-12 year olds

***This 3:30PM class will begin once we have enough interest. Email or call us for details on the 3&4 year old class!

Saturday: 9-9:45AM CF Kids group class

Cost is $65 for the month or $10 drop-in. Sibling discount rate is $55/kid.

Please email if you have any questions or are interested in signing your kid(s) up for the program!

Coach Ian


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  1. Lynn mikels July 31, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    Hi Ian , could I drop my twin ten year olds in for a visit one tues. Or Thursday? I’d like them to try it a few times to see if it’s something they like. Both my guys are kinda chunky and a bit lazy but if they had fun and could build confidence, I’d like to sign them up. What Tuesday does this begin? And thank you!

  2. crossfitktown August 3, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Hey Lynn!

    This new schedule begins tomorrow, August 4th. We would love to have them join us for a few sessions to see if they like it. Chances are we can make them fall in love with the games and fitness in general!

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