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CrossFit Regional Day 2: WOD #2

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CrossFit Regional Day 2: WOD #2

Warming-up. How cute!

Warm-up: 10 Dislocates, 200m Run, 10 Arm Circles (all ways), Rotator Cuff Stretch (30 seconds) x2

Push Press: 3-3-3 (Use as Warm-Up for Jerk)

Rack Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1

MetCon – For Reps:
Max Burpees
Max Lunges
Max Tuck Jumps
Max Diamond Push-Ups
Max V-Ups
(1 minute at each exercise. Score = total reps.)

I know, I’ve been slacking, but here is the next post in the series. Things have been busy!

CrossFit Regional Competition Day 2:

Waiting around for the second workout got everyone anxious and excited, but we filled it with some food and LAX ball rolling. Time flew after that.

Filling out our Jacked and Tan workout sheet.

Team Jacked and Tan was up first in what was to be the longest, most annoying workout of the competition for both teams and individuals. Why? Well, the standards were pretty ridiculous.

Day 2 – Team WOD #2:
Four person WOD – 250 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups, 250 KB Swings (50/35lbs), 250 Double-Unders, 250 OHS (95/65lbs)

Strats with the team.

Before Team Ktown (Coach Miss J, G, CBo, and Kirsten) walked onto the floor we grabbed our judge and went over movement standards to make sure everyone knew what was up. So what made these standards so silly? Two words…Kettlebell Swings. For this workout the bottom of the kettlebell had to be perfectly overhead with the bottom of the bell in a parallel line to the ground. Next time you are KB swinging try some of these. Everything else was pretty kosher.

Truffle Shuffle...I'm not ashamed.

Onto the floor we went truffle shuffling all the way. Ktown was moving solidly through the pull-ups, each one of us cranking out some good chest-to-bar. We missed very few reps, but our turnover wasn’t quick enough. We were one of the last teams off the bar and onto the KB swings. Somehow during this heinous movement we caught up to the pack. We weren’t in the lead, but we had made up ground.

Coach CBo had the KB swings down pat.

Of course, Jacked and Tan smoked the double-unders. I mean have you seen, Coach G, CBo, and Miss J double-under? Two hundred and fifty was nothing. It was our game plan that Kirsten would rest during this time and be ready for the first set of overhead squats.

Crush it.

This rest was perfect because Kirsten crushed about 20 overhead squats to start us out.  From then on we went by in reps of 10-20, catching up to the lead all the while. Finally we finished the 250th rep of the squats and yelled, “Time!” This was good enough for 6th place overall. We were pretty psyched about this finish considering it secured our qualification spot into the Day 3 workouts (the top 10 teams).

Hugs all around!

Sweaty but awesome, eh?

Day 2 – Individual WOD #2
100 Pull-Ups, 100 KB Swings (50lbs), 100 Double-Unders, 100 OHS (95lbs)

Patty Cakes.

Sometime later the individual fellas were up to show off their stuff. Patrick was up first. He cruised through the pull-ups, butterflying beautifully, but then got stuck on the KB swings like every other competitor.  He had quite the stickler for a judge. Finally it was on to the double-unders which weren’t too difficult for Patty Cakes even with tired shoulders. Last came the overhead squats. These were trouble for everyone and several athletes weren’t finishing the workout in its time cap. Patrick came awfully close at 92 OHS reps. When Patrick was asked later he said he definitely could have found those last few reps somewhere in the workout.

Hip extension was key in the standard for the OHS.

Big man doing pull-ups.

Coach Tay Tay was up in the next heat. The pull-ups gave Taylor some trouble as he ripped his hands about half way though. Then the KB Swings were miserable. His judge was no repping close to 1 out of every 8 reps. Coach Tay Tay stayed positive no matter how frustrating the workout became. Double-unders were smooth sailing compared to those swings, but so much time had already passed off the clock. Taylor hit the overhead squats full force, making sure to have every rep count. It was close, but Taylor finished around 85 overhead squats at the time cap. We found out later if he could have gotten 5 more OHS he would have qualified for day 3. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

No rep?

And so the individuals were finished with their competition! They had represented Ktown amazingly. Patty Cakes capped off his finish with a beer from the athlete village.  The Team would have to wait one day more for that moment.

Until then,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. Ben July 1, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    You guys made us all proud. Thanks for continuing to tell the story.

    ps Miss J, I’m sorry to tell you, but you will never be able to legitimately/genetically do a true Truffle Shuffle.

  2. crossfitktown July 1, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    That’s true Ben. Thanks for letting me down easy. It was a decent effort though.
    -Miss J

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