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Day 1 Regionals: WOD #2

Day 1 Regionals: WOD #2

Buddy carries anyone?

Warm-up: 10 Serratus Push-Ups, 10 Mobility Lunges, 10 Hang Muscle Snatches (45/25lbs), 10 OHS (45/25lbs), 10 Behind-the-neck Push Press (45/25lbs)

Zercher Squat: 3-3-3

Skill: Kipping/ Butterfly Pull-Up and Muscle-Up Practce (15 minutes)

MetCon – For Time:
Suitcase Deadlift (70/50lbs)

Finisher: 3×10 Good Mornings

Dani and Coach CBo.

After workout one Ktown athletes took some time to hydrate, LAX roll, Progenex, and refuel with some elixir. Needless to say there were many trips to the “Athlete Village” for berries and Paleo kits. I think Coach G accumulated around 25 for the weekend, possibly more.

Eating time.

A few hours later Team Jacked and Tan were up again for WOD #2. This workout consisted of our other team members, Jessica Travers aka Jess Bomb and Coach CBo.

Warming up to thruster!

WOD #2: Thruster Ladder – 20 seconds to lift, 10 seconds to switch

The women were up first. Until the first lift Jess Bomb danced around having fun, preparing to thruster some big weight! The female bar began at 105lbs and moved up in weight by 10lb increments until 125lbs. From there the jumps were only 5lbs. Jess cruised her way through the first few bars making 130lbs look easy while others were already failing. (I know I would have). At 140lbs the lift started to get heavy but she repped it, 145lbs, and 150lbs out successfully. Her arch nemesis was 155lbs throughout the training process and again it proved to be her enemy. She totally had the ability to thruster the weight but psyched herself out mentally. No big deal, Jess had given Ktown a huge advantage and only two other girls finished higher than she.

Easy stuff.

Good lift.

Next came CBo’s time to shine. We were all a little worried because while CBo is a beast, the other guys in this workout were stocky and uber strong looking. We should have known better. The men’s barbell began at 155lbs and continued on in 10lb jumps. Caleb moved through the first few bars easily until about 195lbs. He still succeeded to get 205 with little struggle and even 215 went up fine.

Beginning of the lift.

215lbs and done!

Now CBo’s battle came at 225lbs which was a massive separation weight between competitors. Multiple guys got 215lbs, but only a handful moved past that weight. Coach CBo ended up failing 225lbs due to a forward catch on the squat and could not pull it back in for the press part of the thruster. He literally was at the breaking point in the press for 10 seconds. The CrossFit media crew were all up in his face to see if he would lock it out. CBo’s and Jess’s efforts provided Ktown with a 6th place finish, moving us up to 8th place overall after Day 1.

Ahh close!

Patrick was next into the thruster ladder, which was exactly the same for individuals as the team. The emcee announced Patrick from CrossFit Ktown Jacked and Tan, “everyone’s favorite team.” This was one of our proudest moments. Patrick was smooth sailing until about 195lbs where the weight began to feel heavy. Many male competitors were foot faulting all over the place (the standards were strict), but Patrick ended up with a “good lift” at 205! Unfortunately 215lbs did not get overhead due to some form issues. Patrick was disappointed, but Ktown was super excited for him. This was his first CrossFit competition ever and he was doing well.

Yay for Patrick!

Coach Tay Tay was up a few minutes later and proceeded through the first few bars like a pro. He knew it was vital to finish high in this workout that played to his strengths. Tay Tay breezed through 225lbs where fellow male competitors were failing over and over again. Who knows what was going through his mind, but Tay Tay sure looked “Jacked” putting 245lbs up overhead. He failed at 255lbs placing him very high overall in this workout.

Big breath, stay tight!

See what I mean about the Jacked part?

Now that the fellas were finished it was time for dinner and relaxation!

Next week brings more Regional updates,
<3 Coach Miss J

P.S. See you tomorrow at the FREE Saturday!

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