Day 2 Regionals: WOD #1

Day 2 Regionals: WOD #1

Patty Cakes warming-up.

Warm-up: Squat Stretch (30 seconds), Hip Opener (30 seconds each), 10 Leg Swings (all ways), 20 Lunges, 20 Push-Ups, 20 Dead Hang Shrugs (on the PU bar)

Squat & Sprint: Heavy Set of 5 – Immediately Sprint 200m x3

MetCon – AMRAP 7 Minutes:
7 Chest-2-Bar Pull-Ups
17 Sit-Ups
27 High Knees

CrossFit Central East Regionals Competition Day 2:

Again the teams were up first on day two’s events. Lucky individuals… not having to wake up and get to the Expo Center until almost 1pm!  Like Day 1 there were two workouts for the teams and two for the individuals.

Lucky Coach Tay Tay.

Team WOD #3:
21-15-9 Deadlifts (275/185lbs) & Box Jumps (30”/24”)

This workout was taken head on by our professional deadlifters: Brandon Bergin aka Braers and Jessica Travers aka Jess Bomb. We had very high hopes for this workout, especially Braers who said, “We will win this workout.” He was wrong, but they were darn close! pink shorts.

At the count of, “3-2-1-GO,” Brandon began deadlifting, repping out one at a time. This was a much different strategy than that of the other competitors who were stringing multiple reps together and moving much faster. We knew Brandon, the king of strategy, would stick to his game plan and catch up to them. On the box jumps Brandon barely paused to rest while other competitors were sucking wind. Brandon finished third and ran to tag Jess Bomb.

Braers lifts good. Good Braers.

Jess Bomb unloading the bar down to 185lbs.

Jess came in to the workout with a strategy of 8-7-6 to tackle her 21 reps. She quickly demolished the reps and surprised everyone (except us) at how well she box jumped. She was back to the deadlifts and the emcee was going crazy, but not for us. He didn’t realize that Brandon had caught up in the male portion and that Jess was so far along in the workout. He was blabbing on about two other teams in first and second when Jess was one rep behind second place! Brandon tried to tell Jess how close she was to second, but all she heard was, “Braers, Braers, Braers.” It was really loud in there. Jess ended up finishing 3 seconds behind second place without even knowing it. That secured CrossFit Ktown Jacked and Tan a third place overall finish! Boo yah!

Box jumping baby!

Crush it.

Next came the individuals’ time to get some work done. Patrick was up first sporting a lovely “Jacked and Tan” shirt with his fabulous Navajo swimming trunks. Patrick was a bit slower on the deadlifts than some of the other competitors, but always destroyed the 30 inch box jumps. (“What, like it’s hard?” – 10 points to whoever knows this movie quote).  He finished with a solid time in the 5 minute range. I would have to consult Braers to know the exact time, I can’t remember.

Fashionable and so strong.

Action shot!

Caleb (Maryville) and Coach Tay Tay were up later. This workout was quite impressive from both of them. First off, Caleb (Maryville) was jumping onto a 30” box one-footed. This wasn’t his best workout of the competition, yet no one cared! It was just amazing to see him do it with a broken foot. We told him he should have worn the boot for it.

Coach Tay Tay off the deadlifts.

Big Ups!

Coach Tay Tay as well was impressive for his box jumping ability but for other reasons. I know we have become desensitized to Coach Tay Tay’s inhuman CrossFit power, but have you ever thought what it would be like for most of us to put on a 50lb weight vest (or more) and do 30” box jumps? Yeah, you are thinking about it now. Tay Tay finished with a time in the 5 minute range as well, I believe. (You all can correct me in the comments).

Look at that hip extension!

Thus concludes the first workout for Ktowners of Day 2. Stay tuned for the final WOD of Day 2 tomorrow.

Jacked and Tan forever,
<3 Coach Miss J

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    and the movie quote is Legally Blonde.

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    Oh Tay Tay, I should never underestimate your chick flick knowledge!

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    That dude in the pink shorts just oozes sex appeal.

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