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Dolce and “G”abata

Dolce and “G”abata

Regionals Throwback Thursday.


MetCon – Dolce and “G”abata:
Part A:
3 Minute AFAP Farmer’s Carry 400m (70/50lb KB each hand) – 5000 points
3 Min Rest
6 Round Tabata – Back Squats – Reps x Weight
3 Min Rest
6 Round Tabata – Triple Unders – 100 points/ rep
3 Min Rest
6 Round Tabata – OWLS (45/25lb plate) – 100 points/rep

Part B:
≥25000 points = 0 minutes of each
20-25k points = 1 minutes of each
15-20k points = 2 minutes of each
Less than 15k = 3 minutes of each

Death Days after party tomorrow is at DGB aka Downtown Grill and Brewery for you noobs. Celebration starts at 8:00PM!

My workout is tomorrow. What can I say?
<3 Coach Miss J

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