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Metcon stands for metabolic conditioning, just a fancy way of saying cardio, and it is performed at high intensity. They tax all energy systems and muscle fibers at the same time. Certain workouts are based more around strength and muscular endurance while others are based around aerobic conditioning. However, all metcons include an element of anaerobic work combined with aerobic work.
Typically, cardio refers to long, slow distance training like running or biking, and for the most part we don’t log much time doing such things. Long, slow distance cardio is a monostructural activity that has potential to cannibalize muscle tissue for energy and cause overuse injuries if done at too high a volume for the specific athlete. Instead, metcons with strength movements are used to produce higher power outputs that will elicit better results for cardiovascular endurance, strength gains, muscular endurance, all around fitness, and appearance. It should be noted that long, slow distance work is important and has a place in every athlete’s training regimen.
Abs work to stabilize and support the body with most CrossFit movements, like the deadlift, pull-up, squat, etc. These movements place greater importance on the abs working with the rest of the body and will result in stronger muscles than just the isolation of crunches. Also, sit-ups, glute-ham sit ups, and L-hangs are often incorporated into the warm-up, cool-down, and even metcons.
In CrossFit we concentrate on keeping a high intensity and work capacity. This means that strict pull-ups sometimes do not have a place in a certain workout. In those instances we allow athletes to use a gymnastic kip to get their chin over the bar. However, we place great emphasis on strict gymnastic movements like pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and push-ups to name but a few. We have brought many athletes to their first strict pull-up by a smart progression of isometric holds, negatives, weighted negatives, and finally strict positives. We want you to learn how to move in a controlled manner before you start moving dynamically.
As long as proper form is invoked then squatting below parallel will be beneficial and is completely safe. In fact, by going below parallel there is more hamstring activation and stretch reflex of the posterior chain muscles. In addition, if proper squat form is used the hamstring muscles will be pulling backwards on the tibia resulting in zero shear force of the knee joint. This is not a blanket statement though. Every individual has his or her anatomical differences. We are sensitive to the differences in hip, knee, and ankle structure between athletes. There is no one size fits all at Ktown.
We believe that Olympic lifting can play a vital role in the long term development of an athlete. And we also know that with proper coaching the Olympic lifts are safe for most of the population. In fact, research studies show that there is less injury in weight lifting than in weight resistance training (i.e. using machines). This is due to the impeccable technique and form that must be used to perform the Olympic lifts with heavy weights. No one is just thrown into the proverbial fire, though. We have a progressive way to get you comfortable with the Olympic lifts. And we also have a Function (FX) program that does not utilize any Olympic lifts with barbells – so if don’t want to or can’t perform the snatch and/or clean and jerk, you don’t have to!
If you are injured it is of the utmost importance to continue training to prevent regression of your current level of fitness. Injuries only limit certain limbs or ranges of motion. We, as coaches, are prepared for people with injuries and can specifically build training programs around most any injury, from knees to rotator cuffs. Prehab, rehab, and ongoing training are important for the injured and healthy alike. Do not become idle just because you have an injury. Allow us to work with your physical therapist, chiropractor, or doctor to help get you back up to speed safely and effectively.
Belts act to augment the Valsalva maneuver, or a big breath during the lift. We prefer to forgo belt usage until the athlete absolutely requires it (post-novice lifters). Belts will be used smartly in the case of an injury or orthopedic issue. We will teach you how to lift weight from the floor, or anywhere for that matter, safely, correctly, and effectively. We often do not have the liberty of reaching for a belt when life asks us to pick something heavy up off the ground.
Simply put, the Paleo diet is about quality of food while the Zone diet is about quantity. The Paleo recommends not eating anything that needs to be processed or has a food label, while the Zone tells you how much to eat and deals with caloric restriction. We recommend sorting your calorie quality out first (Paleo). Then, if you are truly chasing performance, you need to understand how much fuel is going in to the machine (Zone) – we have found our athletes make great strides combining these two diets.
This is not correct. Fats are actually good for your body in many respects. Fats play a role in maintaining healthy skin and hair, insulating body organs against shock, maintaining body temperature, and promoting healthy cell function. They also serve as energy for the body which is vital when participating in CrossFit and recovering from workouts.
CrossFit Kids at Ktown is a program that will first and foremost be fun for children! It strives to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle at an early age. CF Kids will also teach proper, functional movement to help prevent injuries in everyday life. There is no time more important for the athletic development of a child than those early stages, so get your kid active and moving in an intentional manner!
First off, that wasn’t a question. Second, and to the point, weightlifting will not stunt growth and is great for promoting bone density and preventing injuries in children. More importantly, no studies have shown that weightlifting will fracture the epiphysis or growth plates. This myth came from a (READ: ONE) study done in Japan where children doing intense physical labor where shown to be shorter. In this study there were no proper controls, sleep deprivation was not taken into consideration, and their diet, a large part being rice, was left out of the study. Simply put, proper strength building is vital to the athletic development of kids.
“Globo Gyms” do not offer the high level of personal attention and instruction with their “$20-a-month” memberships. In order to achieve high fitness results in a minimal amount of time the knowledge of a fitness coach is paramount. With CrossFit Ktown you pay a premium price for premium fitness, but with this you receive ATTENTION, INSTRUCTION, and RESULTS! We do not offer a gym for you to come and just workout. We offer coach-led training that is specific to your goals, body, and any issues unique to your athletic development. At CrossFit Ktown you pay for the training, not the equipment!
Not in the slightest! That’s what we’re here for. We can train senior citizens to very overweight people to the average joe. Each workout has the potential to be scaled in order to make you fitter, healthier, and happier. Then as you progress so does the difficulty of the workout. The most important step is that first one. Contact us now to set up a consultation or to join our next On Ramp course. We look forward to meeting you!