Fatty Fran

Coach G with the Penn State Nittany Lion statue. We'll miss you G!

Coach G with the Penn State Nittany Lion statue. We miss you G!

Warm-up: (10 Good Mornings (50/35lbs), 10 GHD sit-ups, 10 Dips, 2 Turkish get-ups (50/35lbs), 10 Dislocates) x2

Clean and Jerk: 1RM

MetCon – Fran:
Thrusters (95/65lbs)

As Ice Cube says…”Today was a good day.” Yea, I’m sorry I just quoted Ice Cube, but there really is no other way to put it. We had people setting PR’s galore, athletes learning how to drop under heavy weight, and clients demolishing Fran. It was amazing. Anyway, throw out a congrats to Coach CBo as today was his first MetCon back since his strength cycle. You should ask him about it. Also if you see one of our old clients, Emily Headrick, give her a pat on the back and tell her you miss her. She’s in town for a bit so let’s get her back in to CFK.

Holiday Hours:
Closed Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th. No Saturday class or open gym the 26th.  No 6:30pm class on Thursday the 31st, and no morning class the following day. The evening classes on the 1st will be normal.

Also, if you are traveling over the holidays take your CrossFit Ktown shirt with you and take a snapshot. We’d love to post it on our site. Email it to info@crossfitktown.com.

Giving Fran the ole 1-2,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. Doug December 22, 2009 at 8:51 am

    It was awesome to see people crushing their old Fran times! I think errrrrbody pretty much set a PR.

  2. Travis December 22, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Fran is an unfaithful mistress, but yesterday was a good day at the gym

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