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Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 500m Row, 10 Step-ups (30/24”), 10 Dislocates, 20 Back Extensions

Deadlift: 20RM (touch and go)

MetCon – Bottom-to-Bottom Air Squat Tabata:
8 Rounds of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest
As many air squats as possible in 20 seconds
Rest in the bottom of an air squat for 10 seconds
Score is lowest round score

Finisher: Foam roll quads and IT bands

Tonight I am just going to give a quick reminder about CrossFit Ktown’s field day next weekend, October 2nd.  We will be doing the free Saturday and then partying like the LSU haters that we are.  Look for sign ups on one of the whiteboards for the different events we’ll be hosting.  From the shoe kick to the Portuguese tug-o-war (get it?), we’ll be doing it all.

So start thinking about a Paleo dish you can whip up, or start doing the requisite research required to carry out such a responsibility.  And I would start shaving ounces on your kicking shoes…

Ribbon winner for stress fractured category,
Coach G

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