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FREE Saturday returns!!!

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FREE Saturday returns!!!

I've missed this...

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 15 Jumping Air Squats, 20 Straight Leg Sit-ups, 10 Ring Dips

Box Squat: Heavy set of 5

MetCon – For Time:
Box Jumps (24/18”)
Hip Raises

Finisher: 2 min Hollow Position Plank w/ Rings

I’m just announcing that for the first time in 336 hours (2 weeks) we will be having our FREE Saturday class.  I know everyone is excited with that news!  And here is something else to get excited about… gymnastics cycle starts Monday!

A word on Ktown’s “cycles.”  Our first goal is always to increase fitness or make you fitter.  Our measure of fitness is all of the strength numbers you have as well as the benchmark MetCons we do.  Fitness, in our minds, also contain things like flexibility, agility, accuracy, etc.  Refer back to CBo’s 10 part blog series on fitness.  So we want to increase our capacity in each of those areas in measurable ways.

But we also have secondary goals in each of our cycles.  We like to think that you all enjoy this style of programming because you know a bit more of what is going on in the gym.  Last cycle was an endurance cycle.  You didn’t see us running every day though, did you?  This cycle will be a gymnastics cycle, but that doesn’t mean we will be doing nothing but cartwheels and muscle-ups.  You guys have a ton to learn when it comes to gymnastics – so many movements and progressions that we have yet to use at Ktown!  We hope that this cycle will make you all a little bit more aware of your body not only in bodyweight movements but also when you are under a bar or picking up a heavy deadlift.

I see this being one of our finest hours at Ktown,
Coach G

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  1. Ben September 21, 2011 at 12:03 am

    You guys are amazing! I mean how did you know that a run front tuck round off double back flip barani jazz hands was one of my weaknesses? I guess that’s why I’ve been a Padawan for 2 years. Looking forward to breaking out the tights.

  2. crossfitktown September 21, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Hahahahah! This is exactly what we had in mind for this next cycle.
    -Miss J


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