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Friday Night Lights – The Final Installment

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Friday Night Lights – The Final Installment

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Good evening, friends.

The final installment in the Friday Night Lights series is upon us. Every gym in Knoxville and the surrounding areas has made this series a resounding success. A large part of the success also belongs to the volunteers and athletes that have turned out for each event. On behalf of all the hosts, I want to thank everyone for making our inaugural year so much fun. But wait…there is still one more!

This Friday, March 27th, from 5PM until the last athletes are served, we will be running 15.5 all while raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As many of you know, Mark Lane’s mother lost her battle with cancer back in February. Samantha Lane campaigned with LLS in honor of her last year, and now I want to raise money for LLS in memory of Pam. We want to celebrate the life that Pam lived and gave to so many people – thanks in very large part to organizations like LLS and the donations that fuel it. Mark will be speaking this Friday around 6:30PM highlighting the memory of Pam and her close ties to LLS and similar organizations.

We are hoping everyone doing FNL chooses to donate to the cause. No donation is too small, remember that! Depending on what the workout is we will be asking for cents per reps or seconds of score. This will give everyone a base to help figure out what to donate. And please remember: we won’t ever get mad at you for not donating as long as you never get made at us for asking you to donate.

We have a few other options to help get some much needed dollars to LLS for cancer research and therapies:

  • Friday Night Lights/Leukemia & Lymphoma Society t-shirts will be on sale for $20. All proceeds benefit LLS.
  • Waters and Kill Cliff will be for sale. All proceeds benefit LLS.
  • We will be doing a 50/50 raffle. Purchase 1 ticket for $1, 3 for $2, and an arm length’s worth of tickets for $5. At the end of the night we will draw a ticket and award 50% of the monies collected to the lucky winner and the other 50% to LLS!
  • A donation box will be set up to accept cash, coin, check, or gold bullion.

So in closing, consider donating to this great cause. LLS has done so much for so many families including the Lanes and others in the greater CrossFit Ktown family. Friday Night Lights is already a huge success. Now let’s make this FNL – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society benefit a HUGE SUCCESS!

My LLS campaign page:

Coach G

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