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Garage Games 2011: Part 3 of 4

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Garage Games 2011: Part 3 of 4

Mark with his crew.

Warm-up: 10 Dips, 10 OHS (PVC), 20 Walking Lunges x2, 500m Row

Push Press: 3-3-3

MetCon – Minute to Win It:
200m Run
35/20 Push-Ups
30 Walking Lunges
20 Ring Dips
35/20 Hang Power Snatches (45lbs)
20 Burpees
25/15 Thrusters (45lbs)
20 Box Jumps (24”/18”)
30 Air Squats
(There is a 1 minute time cap to each exercise. Finish the exercise within the minute and receive 1 point. If unsuccessful move onto the next exercise at the start of the next minute.)

Finisher: Lax Ball in Shoulders and Lats

James and DIVA came out to support!
Ben, Coach E$, and yet to be determined. :-D

Too cool for school.

Okay, so during the lunch break, Ktown city and all of its inhabitants started to get pretty goofy. Hey, I can’t be responsible for my athletes (or members for that fact). We do know how to have fun. While we are on the subject, let’s give a major shout out to all the friends and Ktowners who made the trip to Woodstock to cheer all of us on. This first part of the post is for you…

True story: Jeff and Doug did make it from ATL to GG.

Finally, the sun began to poke out of the clouds, but not without bringing along some serious gusts of wind. With the sun came the next two workouts for individuals as well. Again, the Rx’d men were competing in one place (the horse stalls) while the scaled men were competing somewhere else (soccer field). Let’s start with the Rx’d men.

Throw it Coach Tay Tay.

Rx WOD 3: Clean and Throw 135lbs in your lane until 10 trips are completed.

Throw and jog, throw and jog.

Taylor was up almost immediately in this event and knew he could make up ground with this style of workout. The lanes were muddy and small, but Taylor made this workout look effortless. He perfected the technique until he was only throwing the bar 3 times or so for one trip. With competitors to the left of him starting out way too fast and gassing half way through, Taylor kicked it into high gear on trip 7 and smoked his heat with a time in the high 3s. This time held through the whole workout as one of the top times. Coach Tay Tay even admitted afterwards that he should’ve started going harder even earlier.

Forrest’s and Braer’s turn.

A little later Forrest and Brandon were up showing off what kind of studs we have here at Ktown. Being able to watch Taylor and get his advice they both used his technique and did really well in this workout tying with a time of 4:12. (Although, scoring discrepancies had Brandon finish at 3:12…another story).

Brandon and Forrest give it a heave ho.

On the other side of the park (which we ran back and forth to a lot), Buck and Noel began their next workout.

Clean that stone!

Scaled WOD 3: 3 RFT (25m for everything) – Atlas Stone Carry, Burpee Broad Jumps, Overhead Plate Run, Bear Crawl, Sprint

Noel has a fantastic MetCon face.

This WOD was interesting, fun, and hilarious all at the same time to watch. Some of the movements, like the bear crawl, put athletes into a troublesome position. Mobility was a big issue. Now you won’t complain when we do hip mobilizers, right?

Buck catches air mid burpee-broad jump.

Buck and Noel started off strong, easily cleaning the atlas stone to their shoulders and carried it across the field. Both then excelled in the burpee broad jump and were leaders in their heat. Everything was going smoothly until the bear crawl which was the issue for most competitors. Noel was able to keep a decent pace, he’s pretty flexible, but Buck had more trouble than he expected. He pushed through and still managed to finish at the top despite his disappointment.

Rachel’s judge hashes out the WOD’s details.

With all the males resting, it was time for our scaled ladies to do it big up style. Rachel was up first of the three. Needless to say, she crushed this workout. Everything appeared tiring but easy, minus the bear crawls which were definitely a struggle for her. She still finished second in her heat after a bear crawl battle with another girl.

Push through Rach!

Samantha came next and was super pumped. Why you ask? Oh, only because about an hour before, she received a phone call confirming she and Mark had won the dream wedding! Cuteness comes in handy! Thanks to all the Ktowners who voted.

Congrats Mark and Sam!

With nothing to hold her back, Sam finished the MetCon with a solid time. Bear crawls surprisingly were not an issue for this long-legged lady, but her “brain” actually was. (You’ll have to ask her about her brain getting in the way.) Sam’s workout, like Rachel’s, came down to an epic fight with another competitor. The two gals were neck- and- neck, and if Samantha had known it was her last bear crawl, she may have pushed ahead.


Lee was up in the very last heat. This being Lee’s third workout in one day, equivalent to one week of working out for her at Ktown, started to wear on her. She began strong amidst some fierce ladies and held her own. Once again bear crawls were the enemy. Lee had practiced some at Ktown and changed her technique, but once she became tired the old, less-efficient, more-tiring bear crawl returned. No worries though because out of this workout arose a nickname… Grizz-Lee. I know, amazing.


Now back to the boys. Approximately an hour later Taylor, Forrest, and Braers had switched with Noel and Buck and were on the atlas stone- bear crawl MetCon while Buck and Noel were performing the clean and throws with 95lbs.

Atlas stones all around.

Tay Tay again made up ground with WOD 4. Bear crawls were no issue after all that football and the stone certainly wasn’t with his strength. Forrest finished strong too, practically galloping the last bear crawl and hurdling over another competitor. Poor Braers had trouble with his crawl, those tight hips and hammies, but put up a good fight like always.

Noel went first in the clean and throw and positioned himself in the far lane closest to the Ktown cheerleaders. Noel made it through the workout quickly never stopping to rest.

That’s getting your hips involved.

Buck went next and followed suit from Noel. Rather than continue writing I will just let the pictures tell about the WOD.


With the Ktown fellas finished for the day the ladies finally got their turn with Samantha and Rachel in the same heat. The girls had it harder than the guys in this workout due to throwing a 45lb plate rather than a barbell, so there was little to no roll to help cover distance. Samantha finished second in her heat by a split second and Rachel finished shortly thereafter.

Sam perfected the clean, toss, and roll.

As the sun was setting, Lee’s heat was about to start. This workout was quite a struggle for her. It was the fourth in one day, her bicep was aching, she was the last heat to go, and for the life of her she couldn’t get the plate to roll at all. Frustrating as it was she did her best and near the end of the MetCon figured out the throwing technique.

Thus concludes day 1 of individuals at Garage Games. We’ll pick up with the final day tomorrow night.

See ya then,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. Lee February 11, 2011 at 9:11 am

    I look so upset about that clean and throw.

    Thank you so much, wonderful coaches, for your excellent documentation and your unyielding support! I had such much fun last weekend and it couldn’t have been possible without you!

  2. crossfitktown February 11, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Hahaha, you look pissed after that last throw. It maybe had something to do with it being the fourth workout. I dunno. Your performance was amazing, Lee.


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