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Garage Games 2011: Part 2 of 4

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Garage Games 2011: Part 2 of 4

Get it girl!

Warm-up:10 Leg Swings (all directions), 10 Arm Swings (all directions), 10 Hang Muscle Snatches (45/25lbs), 10 GHD Sit-Ups x3

Power Clean: 3RM

MetCon – For Reps:
Tabata Push-Ups
Tabata KB Swings (50/35lbs)
Tabata Sit-Ups

Picking up where we left off yesterday…

Ze coaches.

Noel was still running when they began to start the girl’s heats for the scaled division. Samantha was up in the very first heat (that seemed to happen a lot to Ktown competitors) and deadlifted 95lbs forty times before beginning her run. Unfortunately they started her heat early and we missed the start, thus no pictures or videos from Samantha’s deadlifts. If you don’t know Sam, deadlifts freak her out since breaking her back a few years ago. Although, they ended up not being a problem with all the core strength she has built up.

See how excited Rachel is about the workout!

A few minutes after Samantha began her run, Lee and Rachel were up in the same heat. As this was their first competition, nerves were on the high side, especially with running being their least favorite thing. Both ladies did fantastic on the deadlifts getting a “you have great form” comment from each of their judges.

Nice rep!

And she’s off…

Time flew by quickly while we waited for the girls to return from their run.  The spectators got crazy with some “boom.”

Give em da boom!

The last half mile or so was all uphill, so we stationed ourselves near the finish line to cheer our Ktown ladies on.

Almost there!

Run Rachel run. Overused? Maybe, but it fits.

Just a bit winded.

We caught them right after they finished the WOD. Love the tired smiles.

Way to go Lee!

Once finished, we coaches forced our athletes to eat, sit, rest, hydrate, and stay warm. They probably heard those instructions from us at least fifty times this past weekend.

Lee takes instructions well.

Sam tweaked her knee a little on the run.

Feed me I’m starving!

Next up on the agenda was the Rx’d men’s second workout which was the deadlift-trail run that the scaled competitors had just finished. The scaled men then moved to the suicide hill WOD. The differences in each workout consisted of heavier weights on the deadlift (225lbs) for Rx’d and lighter weights for the scaled suicide workout (95lbs). The reps remained the same.

Ask Braers about Tron.


Brandon again had to go first in the DL- trail run which he was looking forward to with both exercises on his list of favs. This year’s trail run proved to be a little more difficult since still being fresh off his strength cycle and 15 pounds heavier. Before Brandon returned Talyor and Forrest were up and deadlifting. Coach Tay Tay took no time at all to get through the DLs while Forrest (who is quite the deadlifter) was close on his heels.

Braers finishes the run and chats with Will.

After we watched them set off it was down to the scaled suicide hill where Buck had already started and finished by the time some of us arrived. No worries, CBo and others were cheering him on. Buck finished with a great time in the low 3’s destroying the pull-ups at the end which gave most athletes trouble.

They had to duck under several ropes in the WOD.
Pull-up pro.

Noel repping through the sandbag squats.

Noel announced his presence with a solid time a few heats later. You all know Noel is a speedy devil, so this MetCon was right up his alley.

What a struggle.

Noel was up first to the pull-up bar, but ended up doing about 30 pull-ups instead of 20. He just couldn’t get that chin over. In his defense, he was probably pretty tired at this point.

Noel signs off on his time.

Soon after Noel yelled “time,” Forrest came jogging around the corner on the trail run with Ktown’s cheering section screaming as he passed. Moments later, the scene was repeated with a tired Coach Tay Tay who looked like his knee was giving him trouble. Both Taylor and Forrest finished about mid-pack in the overall standings of the workout.

Coach G gives Forrest some encouraging words like…”You’re on the home stretch” and “Suffer on.”

What a pic…

The Ktown chicks had been chilling (literally) in “Ktown city,” were GU’d up, and ready for their next workout. With their least favorite workout behind them, the suicide hill looked promising. The scaled ladies division had to perform 5 ground-to-overheads with 45lbs, 10 sandbag squats with a 40lb bag, 15 sit-ups, and still do 20 pull-ups.

Samantha waits for the “GO!”

If an athlete couldn’t do pull-ups then jumping pull-ups were allowed, but they would not be scored over a competitor who did even 1 standard pull-up. (Another story, but they messed up the scoring on this WOD and actually put jumping pull-ups over Rx’d pull-ups.)

Come on Sam!

Samantha, being a champ at pull-ups was excited to do this workout knowing she would have an advantage, and Rachel had recently learned to do kipping pull-ups and was hoping to get as many as possible. Lee who is on the verge of a kipping pull-up knew she would go for the jumping ones.


Action shot of Lee sprinting up the hill.

All ladies snatched the ground-to-overheads with ease, but the sandbag squats were a doozy for all of them.

Judge says..."rep!"

Samantha ended up making it to 13 pull-ups before the time cap, putting her ahead of numerous girls. Rachel made it to 6, and Lee got several jumping pull-ups. I think all the gals were surprised at how hard this MetCon turned out to be, but they dug deep and represented Ktown excellently.

Good job Sam.

With the ladies’ MetCons down it was time for lunch. So go eat, and we’ll continue with the last two workouts of Saturday tomorrow.

Garage Games 2011,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. crossfitktown February 10, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Just wanted to say “way to go” to everyone who competed, especially those of you have never competed in a CrossFit comp before. Hopefully this one won’t be your last.
    -Miss J

  2. The Food Hound February 10, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Love these posts! Makes me want to compete!!

  3. crossfitktown February 10, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    @The Food Hound As you should Kate! You would love it! Plus, who wouldn’t want to be featured in a huge, long picture and video post.

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