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Glimpse of de-load and test week inside…

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Glimpse of de-load and test week inside…

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for our Independence Day workout!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out for our Independence Day workout!

G’day mates, how ya going? Let’s talk about next week’s de-load and test.

First off, congrats. You’ve completed 237 squats above 70% in the past three weeks if you have hit all of the MWFs. Well done. That’s quite a bit of hip and knee flexing. That’s almost 50,000lbs of total volume if you averaged a 200lb squat during those three weeks. Woof! All this in the name of…well…everything: squat, clean, snatch, jerk, run, jump, sprint, throw, push, pull, fitness, and on and on. Job well done, Ktown!

Now we get to sit back and relax – for a bit. The next week looks like this:

Monday – Hero workout at 10AM. Come get some sweet Independence Day action in with all of your best friends!

Tuesday – Recovery day focusing on mobility and finishing with some steady state work.

Wednesday – Jumping squats and some speed pulling to activate for Thursday and Friday’s tests. Light conditioning.

Thursday – Max snatch or deadlift. Light conditioning.

Friday – Max squat followed by max CJ (or deadlift if missed Friday). Optional conditioning if you have time.

So plan your week accordingly. It will be really good for you all to get these tests under your belt to see where we go in the next 3 week burst of squats. It will also be good to see where your pulls are for future testing and conditioning based on percentages.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield,

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