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Go play!

Climbing Rainier... always a good option.

Play football at Dartmouth like Taylor.

Or you could always hike the Chimneys twice in one day.

Warm-up: 12 Box Jumps, 10/5 Dips, 10 GHD Back Extensions x3

Press: 3×5

MetCon – 21-15-9:
Superswings (Like a KB Swing but with a 180° rotation at the top)

Finisher: Hip Opener Stretch, Samson Stretch, Front Split, Side Split
(Hold each for 30 seconds)

Go outside! It has been beautiful lately and there is nothing better than on a Spring/Summer day to be outdoors. Several of you are on the 3x a week program which leaves you 4 other days during the week to be active. What have you been doing with that time? Are you guilty of sitting inside watching TV, overeating because you’re bored, or wasting time on youtube? I’m definitely not saying you should never relax, but maybe something like TV has become a staple of your life.

The mountains are on our back doorstep with tons of trails just waiting to be hiked or jogged. We also have several well maintained parks here in Knoxville where you can run, bike, or even take your dog. As a kid I’m sure you were outside every chance you got, so try to channel your inner child and go have recess. Play Frisbee, golf, basketball, soccer, flag football, tackle football, hopscotch, corn hole, volleyball, or whatever floats your boat! If you are feeling frisky go outside and make up a CrossFit workout. The options are many. For instance, tomorrow come to the Free Saturday Class at 10AM then go to Possum Park and watch James’ and Mark’s Rugby team!

Don’t forget sunscreen,
<3 Coach Miss J

Take the hint from one of my favorite advertising ideas ever…

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  1. Taylor April 9, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    I would like it to be noted that that pic was from my sophomore year. I was much scarier later on…

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