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Google Review Treachery

Google Review Treachery

As of two weeks ago, CrossFit Ktown had 23 5-star reviews on our Google Maps listing.  We had amassed these reviews over our past 3 years of business.  There were some from the usual suspects like the Slocums, Rise-up, and other veterans, but we also possessed many reviews from random drop-ins that worked out with us just once.  These reviews were especially meaningful as we only had sixty minutes of time to spend with these people.  We left some indelible marks on many of those drop-ins; we affected them enough to go home and write a very kind review and give us a five star rating without us even mentioning it.

Somewhere between 6-14 days ago all of our reviews disappeared.  We contacted Google, which is almost impossible to do by the way, and they said it was probably a merger of business listings.  We explained that nothing had actually changed in our business listing.  The kind lady did some digging and found out the reason was more sinister.  Someone(s) had gone through each review and flagged it as spam/inappropriate.  We have no idea who did this and there is no recourse.  Instead, we will double our efforts of giving you all the best service and atmosphere possible.

So when Miss J asked you all to write a review last week, it was not because we force our members to do anything of the sort.  We believe in free will.  If we do our jobs correctly, we know that our members will speak highly of us whether it is to their friends and family or to an internet review site.  We asked you all to write the reviews, positive or negative, because it is our only means of advertising.  We do not spend money on advertising.  We are growing too fast as it currently stands, so we do not want to throw money away growing us even faster and diluting our product for you.  But we do appreciate the lengths our members go to spread the good work of CrossFit Ktown.

This is why we were especially disheartened to find all of our hard-earned reviews gone.  And this is exactly why we reached out to you all last week to, if you personally felt compelled, write a Google Maps review.  We thank you all for helping us out there.  We hope to have those reviews cleared of their spam/inappropriate status and put back up in the very near future.

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