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Great stuff!

Great stuff!

Handstand push-ups are nothing for Noel, hence the 10 rounds.

Warm-up: 50 Double-Unders, (12 Single Straight Legged Deadlifts (45/25lbs), 12 Box Jumps (24/18”), Plank Hold (30 seconds) x2)

Deadlift: 3RM

MetCon – For Rounds/ Reps:
3 Minutes Work, 1 Minute Rest – 5 Sets
3 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Squat Snatches (135/95lbs)
9 Sit-Ups
(Ex: If you finish set 1 at 5 squat cleans then pick up set 2 with the 6th squat clean.)

Finisher: Enjoy your weekend!


Hey guys! I hope everyone that is recovering from Wednesday’s soreness will now be uber sore from today’s WOD. You guys did great today! I know those handstand push-ups were really difficult for many of you, but practice makes perfect! And we gave many of you some really heavy weights on those squat cleans which makes for a totally different workout from being able to power clean, right?

Anyway, just wanted to give you all some praise because I was impressed by lots of you. Like Noel and Ben getting 10+ rounds, Miranda kicking up into the handstand, Rachel using 85lbs, Clint dropping under 135lbs for those squat cleans, Karen cranking out some handstand push-ups, Maxey deadlifting 135lbs, James with 11 rounds plus 1 sit-up, and Brandon deadlifting 435lbs with a little bit still in the tank.

Well done everybody,
<3 Coach Miss J

It's a rare sighting...the Braers doing handstand push-ups.

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