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Guest post from Dave Parmly

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Guest post from Dave Parmly

Listen up!


Clean and jerk: 20 min to build to 1RM; 90%x2, 80%x2

MetCon – EMOM 14 min:
even minutes – 3 front squats from floor (175-205/95-155lbs)
odd minutes – 5 HSPU – deficit if possible

Why going to the Regionals is worth it – a guest post by Dave Parmly

You MUST mark off the weekend of June 7-9, 2013, to take a trip with family and friends, to go the Central east Regional Competition.

I’ll start with why I decided to go.  In 2011, I’d been training at CFKT less than a year so the whole “CF Games” was pretty new to me.  They didn’t have The Open competition that year but CFKT was sending a team to the Central East competition in Columbus, OH.  Okay, but that didn’t mean I planned to go.  We could watch it online, the website said.  Of course, the live feed from the site of the Regionals in 2011 was pretty bad.  Really pixelated, so much so that you couldn’t really tell what you were watching.  We tried watching from the monitor set up in the gym but it just didn’t work well.  Kind of disappointing, but we were at least able to keep up with the team results on the CF Games website even if they were a little behind.

2012 saw the introduction of The Open.  Suddenly, all of us were “participating” in the Games.  I got to score/judge some of our gym’s best athletes, and they scored and judged me on the same workout.  And looking at the scores our top athletes were turning in, Team Jacked & Tan had a pretty good shot at being competitive at Regionals.  Once we were invited to the Regional competition, it took me just a few seconds to decide that I was going to see this competition in person.  My schedule wasn’t going to allow me to do an overnight trip so I knew it was going to be a LOOOOOONG day if I was going to do it.  Big Rob said he was willing to do the day-trip thing with me, so we had a plan.

We pulled out of the Pilot in Halls at 3:00 on Saturday morning and made it to Columbus and the arena by 8:30.  The team was sitting in a good spot after Friday’s events.  Once in the arena, finding the crew from CFKT was easy in those bright green Jacked & Tan shirts.  Then the competition kicked off.   Most of us would leave our group hang-out area in the bleachers to get down to the rope line to get a close-up view of the events.  Watching the individual events was awe-inspiring, as Rich Froning and Dan Bailey went head to head, with Graham Holmberg right behind.  Julie Foucher pretty much destroyed the female competition, setting numerous “world records”.   Between events, there was lots to see and do from various vendors, as well as “celebrity” watching, mixing & mingling, etc.  Walking around the venue with the J&T shirt got a lot of looks of recognition, I must say.  Our team’s reputation for excellence in athletics and a cheerful, fun vibe was established the prior year and we were known!  I was proud to realize that, and to be a part of it.

The best part, the part that made it all worthwhile, the early get up, the long drive, knowing another long drive back was coming, was when our team was competing.  We would all crowd the rail, spread in key locations, to be as close as we could to cheer them on with those 100#/70# DB Snatches, or the sprints down and back.  We were going up against some of the top CF gyms in the country and more than holding our own, we were in position to really place well.  Seeing my friends out there in the arena made me very proud.  These were the same people who had so often encouraged me, coached me, pulled for me, doing an Open WOD, or even just doing a regular weekday workout.  This day, at this time, I knew that  it was my turn, my opportunity, to give back, to share in the fellowship of shared suffering even if only in the encouragement to keep going, to go as little faster.  We shared in each triumph, each PR, each good rep.  We seethed with rage at lousy judging, reps taken away, seconds lost to fast-closing competition.  The anxiety was intense, the atmosphere tight with possibility!

And at the end of the day, as Rob and I headed to the car, Team Jacked and Tan was sitting in a really good spot.  We knew that there was a real chance to podium.  Rob and I got back home around 11:30 that night.  We talked most of the way back about the things we had seen, how we felt much closer, more aware of  the scale, the intensity of the competition for having been there for the day.  Rob too had noticed the look of respect and awareness that we saw in others eyes when they looked at our J&T t-shirts.

Watching the team events on Sunday on the live internet feed (much better quality than 2011!), but having been in that arena just the day before, made everything better.  Running around the house screaming at the announcer saying “Jacked & Tan is going to California!” as we saw Meaghan Galindo FINALLY nail that last Muscle-Up (the greatest moment in CFKT history!) only moments later to have that prize snatched away, seeing the tears and sorrow on our weary team’s faces was a moment I’ll never forget.  The disappointment mixed with immense pride.

I can only say that, if my schedule permitted, I would be making the same trip this year.  Sadly, it does not as business travel has me gone too much of that week.  Just as our gym has grown in the past year, I am quite sure there will be many others to take my place.  There will be many more who will make the pilgrimage to the arena, to see the blood, sweat and tears flow as our friends go and represent the best of all of us, before thousands in person, and millions more worldwide.  They will experience something unforgettable.

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  1. Ben May 1, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Great post Dave! And I second the MU by Meaghan Galindo was one of the coolest moments in CFKT history! I remember watching the team at home with the laptop hooked up to the television and screaming at the TV and when Meaghan got that MU that we all know she was working so hard to make sure she got, it was like the USA won the World Cup! Teigan learn a few new words that day!!!

  2. Braers May 2, 2013 at 12:19 am

    Dave put it perfectly – the atmosphere is something completely different from anything i have ever experienced. Whether you’re competing or not.

  3. G8rDave May 2, 2013 at 11:52 am

    My son was sitting at the computer while I watched from a standing, well actually, jumping, fidgeting, clenching, all at the same time position. Every time Meg would attempt and fail I would react like I had been shot. When she locked out on, what was it, the 7th attempt? After that meat grinder of a WOD? After 3 days of meat grinding WODs?

    My son was bemused by his dad’s freaking-out-edness. I don’t think he could quite connect with my emotional intensity. Afterward, I told him that what was happening for me was like him (as huge a Gator as I am, just sayin’) watching Tebow taking the team down the field against Bama in the 2008 SEC Championship game, watching him plow into the line on 4th down, make the clutch throw, keep the hope alive. You lived and died on every play. What made it so intense for me was that, in this case, Tebow was one of my friends, first of all. The team was composed of some of my closest friends secondly. And most importantly, I played on the scout team of the same sport, practiced with them, trained with them, hung out with them. Then I think he started to understand my intensity.

  4. Rise Up May 2, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Great post Dave! I really wanted to make the trip this year but unfortunately I will not be able to make it. =o(

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