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This looks like it was a ton of fun. I am sad that I was not there.

Warm-up: Joint Mobility

Front Squat: Heavy 2

Snatch Grip Press: 2×10 LIGHT

MetCon – Alternating Tabata:
Walking Lunges

Finisher: 3×15 Strict Toes to Bar

Tonight we have a guest post from Cat Quinn.  Read up, Ktown!

Dearest Ktown members,

As some of you may or may not know, I am a physical therapist at Foothills Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine clinic located just outside of downtown. We were lucky to have coach J come and volunteer with us in her quest to pursue this career! I’ve spoken with Grant and Jessie about offering the gym a free injury screen day. They were onboard and excited to offer this to their members.

Many of you have approached me with questions and comments regarding your various injuries. My co-worker, Amy Myers, a sports medicine PT for 14 years will be joining me, on June 23rd to address any questions you may have. We will bring our treatment tables, expertise, and knowledge of CrossFit workouts, and help guide you in the right direction of recovery. Due to time we will offer 15 min sessions. From our assessment we will either instruct you on an exercise or stretch you should incorporate into your program, recommend therapy, or refer to a physician that specializes on your type of injury.

So Miss J will have the sign up on the board. We will begin at 930-1130. Sign up with your name and injury. We can take 2 people every 15 minutes. This is also being offered to family and friends as well. So if your dad is still complaining about the nagging shoulder…send him and we’ll take a look at him.

Good luck in this “summer of squats”!

Train smart!


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  1. L Shizzle June 7, 2012 at 3:59 am

    But but, a lot of us will be in chi town that weekend.

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