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Halloween Bash!

Halloween Bash!

Lil Wayne dropped by last year.

Warm-up: 10 Push-Ups, 10 Hang Muscle Snatches (45/25lbs), 50 Single-Unders x2, Hip Opener (1 minute each side), KB Hold Overhead (1 minute each arm)

Bench Press: 5RM; 5 @ 90%, 5 @ 80%

MetCon – For Time:
Handstand Push-Ups
Bear Crawl (25m) (Only 1 Per Round)

Finisher: 2 Minutes Each in Middle/Right/Left Splits

***Reminder: If you want to run in the Barefoot Benefit 5K or 1 Mile this Sunday at Lambert Acre Farms please sign-up ASAP! We have a 15% discount for anyone from Ktown who wants to run it! Ktown is sponsoring this so let’s get some sign-ups!

I know everyone is on the edge of his/her seats waiting for the Ktown Halloween Party announcements. Well the wait is over Ktowners! October 28th, it’s a Friday, at 6:00pm we will host the 2nd annual Halloween Bash!

What: Dress Up Halloween Workout and Party!
Where: CrossFit Ktown (duh)
When: Friday, October 28th at 6:00pm-?
Why: Because we do what we want!

First off, evening classes this day will be cancelled to decorate and set-up for the party, all other classes are on as regularly scheduled. The Halloween Party will kick-off with a costume, Halloween themed workout (don’t worry it’s not going to be super hard). Then we will socialize and eat afterwards! We need those coming to bring Paleo foods and drinks. Be creative! Look up Paleo “baking” recipes and turn your favorite Halloween treat into something a little more Paleo friendly. The food doesn’t have to be sweet, if you want to bring meat then please do so! Ktown will provide the cups, plates, napkins, and utensils needed. We just need you all to show up with food or drink in hand and an awesome costume!

Even if you don’t eat Paleo I guarantee you will still like the food,
<3 Coach Miss J

Mingle time.

The globo twins!

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  1. Shh October 18, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    If that doesn’t make your times drop nothing will!!

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