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Hello, Clarice.

Hello, Clarice.


Thruster: build to 1RM in 20 min

MetCon – 20 minutes:
Even min: 3 Thrusters @ 70%, 5-7 V-ups
Odd min: 5-7 Burpees over BB, 3-5 Hand Release Push-ups

A couple of quick items:

1)  If you didn’t read Michelle’s guest blog post from yesterday, get on it.  We posted it a bit late.  Sorry, mates.

2)  Big shout out to all the Ktown family that competed last weekend in Georgia for Garage Games One: Booth, Karly, Janis, Steve-O, Katy, Brandon, Kirsten, Matt, and Miss J.  Big thanks to Lesley for logistical and psychological support!  It was a ton of fun, as always.  If you have not done or been to one of these local events, I suggest you do it soon.  The Garage Games Series has events all over the place.  I know several athletes at Ktown are already looking at the next one (in Asheville?).

3)  The Olympic lifting class was one of the best we’ve had in a while.  We had two athletes that had never stepped foot in the O-class before, Booth and Malcolm.  Both of them set personal records on their snatch and clean – in a complex!  Nate set a clean PR in the same complex of clean deadlift, clean, and front squat.  Ben set a CJ PR.  Jake and Jim hit numbers they sometimes struggle with, but tonight they did it with great technique and movement.  A lot of fun!  (And they let me lift with them since I missed my workout.  Thanks.)

Go sign up for the CrossFit Open,
Coach G

P.S. – This is something I read and found interesting.

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  1. Ben February 22, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    That is awesome to hear so many PRs made and shattered. A good way to end the week.

  2. L Shizzle February 26, 2013 at 3:20 am

    What, What!!! I love cheering you guys on, and watching you crush wods. Even if you guys don’t compete, going and cheering on others is just as fun, if not more so. I assure you I felt like I did a few of the workouts cause I was yelling like an idiot from start to finish.

    That being said, everyone should mark their calendars to be in Columbus, OH around the first weekend of June. While the GG One are exciting, cheering at regionals was the bomb last year. Its cool seeing completely jacked people crushing movements that you struggle with and then meeting then and realizing they are pretty normal (for instance Meat Stick at GG One). Plus the all the guys take their shirts off and this makes everyone happy, lol.

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